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What is the best advice you have for graduates?  What would you share as the most important lessons you have learned about life?  Every person can live a more meaningful, satisfying life and produce extraordinary results.  The pursuit of passionate purpose, not only its attainment, and relationships along the way bring the real rewards to life.  Recognize success as maintaining integrity of effort as well as making your goal. On your life’s journey, follow this proven four-stage process. By Theresa Szczurek

Most articles about college planning focus on advice for parents or other adults who expect to pay the cost for a younger person's education. But what about the beneficiary who plans to attend college? Although most young people don't have the assets for college savings that their elders do, being part of the planning process can be educational, offering financial lessons for the future. Children can earn money, learn about sources of financial aid, research potential colleges, and take other steps that may relieve their parents of some of the responsibility of college planning. In addition, some experts believe that if children are actively involved in planning for their future, they may be more committed when entering college and ultimately have a more successful experience. By Jeff Nelligan

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As the reported unemployment rate has trended down during the past 40 months, it hasn’t just been good news. Sometimes the rate declined because more people left the labor force than lost jobs; employment actually declined. Remember, you aren’t unemployed unless you are available for work and have actively looked for a job in the last four weeks. If you stop the search, you are no longer an unemployment statistic. By Tucker Hart Adams 

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