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Make confidence and love your foundation in all you do. Take nothing personally today, knowing that anything anyone says or does flows from their own journey. Take the mind space you spend ruminating about other people’s opinions and behavior and funnel it into remembering the value you bring into each situation. Increase your confidence in you and the gifts and talents you have been blessed with to contribute to something greater than yourself. You see others as you see yourself. As you release the self-judgment and threatened responses fueled by self-doubt, your ability to create productively will explode. By Lauren Miller

A big part of what I do as a financial advisor, is managing and minimizing risk for clients. When the market is going gangbusters, like 1998 and recently, everyone can do well in stocks. Financial pro or not. That’s only one part of investing. The critical part is not losing as much money as the market during the eventual decline. That’s where risk management comes in. There are many risks and many strategies to do this. Here are four that I use regularly. By Ron Phillips

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Founded by Shannon Cumberland in 1995, Rosy Rings went into the perfume business last year. The inspiration came from Shannon's love of Victorian decor and her love of fragrances. By Eric Peterson

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