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Say you’re the leader of an organization, or manager of a department, that is struggling, and you know you need to take your leadership to the next level. Based on our experience and interviews with leaders around the world, one of the key levers comes from flexing between the hard and soft edges of leadership, what we call “steel and velvet.” By Bob & Gregg Vanourek

A retirement game plan
A good approach to consider for retirement is to own a diversified portfolio of high quality dividend paying stocks. The dividend income production from the stocks can help you meet your distribution needs each year without having to rely so much on the volatile nature of capital gains. And if you focus on owning companies that have a history of increasing dividends, you have the opportunity to see your cash flow grow, which helps you keep pace with the effects of inflation. By Fred Taylor


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Have you Googled yourself lately? Not for vanity’s sake, but rather for your reputation. It’s hard to believe how much power the internet holds when it comes to the perception of your brand. You can have the best website in the game and offer outstanding services, but when a negative review goes viral, it can often feel out of your hands. A poor online reputation impacts the bottom line of your organization, but the good news is: it can be resolved. By Amy Kelsall

We're looking for the 21 to 39-year-old go-getters, mobilizers and hot-shots in Colorado. Sound like any one you know? Nominate them today! Deadline: May 23.
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Jessica Adams, founder of Lafayette-base Living Design Studios, talks about the challenges facing small businesses.

Making cool stuff
A spotlight on awesome items made right here in Denver from the Office of Economic Development. 


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