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Now I know what you’re thinking: Why would I take from a guy who lives and works and hires in my own community—just to send half the cash to you? Simple, Sally—because he won’t miss it. He’ll actually be happy to see you come through the door. And don’t worry: he’ll raise prices to cover the difference so you aren’t even taking from him; you’re taking a very small slice from all his other customers. And half goes to me because I’m bringing you in on my scheme. By David Sneed

In finance, even winners can lose
You can get everything right about what you expect to happen with the global economy, profit margins, valuations, taxes, foreign policy, exchange rates, unemployment, real estate value, interest rates, Fed policy, fiscal policy and the weather and still get the investment side wrong.bThere are just too many ways that you can be wrong. You can be wrong about the timing of these events. You can be wrong about the magnitude of these events. You can be wrong about the interrelationships of these events. By James Osborne

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If you’ve coached youth sports, chances are you’ve had this problem. You hustle to the practice field, hit “mute” on a chirping cell phone, unload a duffel bag full of equipment, greet your early-arrival players, and then realize: You don’t have a clue what to do next. Something like that happened to Greg Waldbaum. By Stewart Schley

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