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The overriding rule is: If the topic is a concern to you, it’s very likely a concern to the interviewer. And my strong recommendation is: If the interviewer doesn’t (or can’t) bring up the topic, you should. Confront the issue head on. Get the dreaded topic off the table as soon as it’s appropriate in the interview. If you don’t, it could affect the way you come across. By Gale Dunlap

Overcoming sales stalls
If stalls and objections come up all too often on sales calls, bring them up before your prospect does. Many of you might ask, “Why in the world would the salesperson bring up stalls and objections?” Here's the choice: Either you bring them up and stay in control of your sales process, or let them surprise you with stalls and objections and catch you unprepared to handle them. By Gary Harvey
Matt Taylor is betting on brick and mortar.“We want to help merchants feel empowered to attract, retain and excite customers,” the CEO of Mercury Payment Systems said. As such, “Main Street countertops must be equipped with the right kinds of mobile technology to interact with consumers during and beyond the point-of-sale.” Mercury is one of the nation’s fastest-growing payment processers. By Gigi Sukin

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Real estate is fundamentally local; what holds true for Denver might not apply to Durango. With that in mind, we went local with this issue’s Quarterly Real Estate Report, highlighting key developments along with overviews of five areas: Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins along the Front Range; and Durango in the Southwest. These five snapshots provide a glimpse of what’s taking shape across the state. By Mike Taylor
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