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Some people like to say Americans have always hated taxes, and they give as proof the night of Dec. 16, 1773, when patriots threw some crates of tea into Boston harbor. Actually, though, at issue that night was a tax reduction, not a tax increase. Some hooded and shadowy figures rioted across the wharfs because a tax was being lowered, not raised, as we so often think. By David Sneed
Are you master of your domain?
Your summer intern, a smart, tech-savvy college student, set up a domain earlier this year. She went to one of the better-known registrars, searched for some options – then gave your credit card to seal the deal. Account info and passwords were sent to her company email address. At the end of August, she left – and so did her email address. You’re ready to set up a web site now – but can’t find the domain info.  What do you do? By Vicki Felmlee
GenXYZ winner: Shawn Hansson
"I have an approach kind of like Steve Jobs. He changed the way we interface with technology. So what we try to do here at our company is approach everything like a kid. If you walk up to a remote or touch panel, what do you want to do? Well I want to turn it on first. What’s the next thing I want to do? What do you want to listen to or watch?" By Mike Dano

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Exec edge: Niki Frangos Tuttle
On New Year’s Eve 2010, Denver lawyer Niki Frangos Tuttle worked into the night on an intriguing television deal before arriving late to a dinner party chock full of celebrities. It was the launch party for the Oprah Winfrey Network, and the partner in Hogan Levells’ Denver office had just cemented programming contracts for the network that would go live the next day. By Lynn Bronikowski
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