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I know fences and fence-speak. Usually, I meet the customer at the start of a job to review the details. This nice lady couldn’t meet, though, so we skipped the stage where I point to something nearby and say, “Like that.” Now, you might suppose this’ll turn into an observation on handling angry customers, but it won’t. Why would I say she’s nice? Here’s how she complained:  “The fence is beautiful. I love it. Also, it’s in the wrong way.” By David Sneed

Perfect -- and improving
When you seek perfection, you seek the ideal situation or set of circumstances. But, “ideal” is always relative, usually something superior to where you are or what you have at the moment.  So seeking perfection is like seeking the horizon. You can keep your eye on it, but no matter how far you travel, it's always out of reach. No matter how much you try to attain perfection, you will never be happy due to the impossible, unrealistic self-imposed measurement and standards you set. By Gary Harvey
"Two things: When I was 16, my dad said, ‘If you think of something you want to do, do it now. If you put it off, 20 years can go by before you get to it.’ And my mom told me, ‘Do not let how people feel about what you do stop you from doing what you want.’ This advice has encouraged me to make big choices.” By Maria Martin

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I’m not a big Nissan fan, overall, although a few of the line’s models – the innovative Juke, the ground-breaking, all-electric Leaf, the venerable Maxima -- are very nice, very competitive vehicles. But for my money, most Nissan models are simply variations on Toyota and Honda, and I have found those other two to be superior. Not everyone agrees with me, of course. By Jeff Rundles
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