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Rumination flows from an unsatisfied state of being and is often fueled by our self -judgments due to unmet goals or perceived failures in life. Remember, failure is simply a label we place on undesirable outcomes. Ruminating is something we do in our mind over past negative events that evoke undesirable feelings and emotions. Cows ruminate. They can spend up to eight hours each day chewing on their cud. So my question to you is simple: How many hours a day do you spend chewing on your cud? What percentage of your focused attention is spent on past events and possible causes and consequences, occupying precious mind space you could be using to tune into creative solutions? By Lauren Miller

A key moment for Connect First occurred in its infancy, when founder Richard Manulkin recruited standout software developer Geoff Mina. Mina’s recruitment proved pivotal, as his ability to solve highly technical problems coupled with his innovation and vision has driven Connect First to its present standing. Mina has since transitioned to the role of CEO. In 2011, Mina brought on Dan Candee as COO. When Candee arrived, he was one of five employees; last year Connect First hired the company’s 35th employee. By Mike Taylor

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I recently drove the 2014 Jetta SE and, frankly, was disappointed that it was pretty much the same as the Jetta I drove last year, the year before and the year before that. The Jetta, first introduced in 1979, is now in its 6th generation, but in reality very little has changed since the 5th generation went on sale in 2005. That's nine models years, which is too many not to have a major overhaul, particularly with sales falling. So then I get this very sporty-looking 2014 CC R-Line and right from the start I have only one comment: “Why?" By Jeff Rundles

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