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The power of our thoughts is key in growing the business and life of our dreams. Where are you giving your attention? How are you responding when things may not appear to be going your way? What choices are you making to move yourself forward? Often, people come into our offices unaware of the fact that they are spending the majority of their time thinking about the negative aspects of their lives instead of looking at the gifts and focusing on what they do want. By Teri Karjala

A year-end financial to-do list
Any minute, it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then the rest of the holiday season will come and go. Suddenly, it’s 2014. Before the year runs out, investors would be wise to consider planning opportunities available to them in areas of charitable giving, deduction planning and tax loss harvesting, among others. A classic year-end planning strategy is to review your charitable giving. By James Osborne
GenXYZ winner: Bart Lorang
"My address book was something I struggled with my entire career, and I knew a lot of people and businesses struggled, as well. That experience crystalized years back in grad school. The woman who is now my wife had this perfect address book with titles, addresses, contact info, pictures. It was immaculate, but she had 180 contacts. I said, ‘I want that, but I have 5,000 contacts …’ So basically, I founded the company out of laziness." By Maria Martin

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Seven ways internet marketing is changing how we do business
The business landscape has already shifted toward more digital efforts, and whether you’re a small business with limited resources or a large corporation, you’re expected to not only do internet marketing, but do it well. Of course, before marketers and public relations professionals dive into the digital realm, they need to know the foundational principles and processes of the industry. By Amy Kelsall
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