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May 20, 2010

ColoradoBiz P2 Update

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Today in ColoradoBiz Politics & Policy Update

When government takes a wrong turn

The new Arizona law is a misguided attempt to fix our immigration problems and will affect the security of the state of Arizona and have a huge impact on its economy. By Jeff Campos

Building hope, one paper at a time

This is how it works: You get 10 papers to start, then you hit the streets and hawk the papers for a dollar donation. The Denver VOICE is a nonprofit news magazine that provides people who are homeless with jobs. By Amelia Patterson

 Sell in May and go away

At the beginning of this year, we had been looking for the market to generate roughly 10 percent returns for the year.This has occurred. Now, where do we go? By Bill Greiner

High anxiety about Europe's economy

Three major developments of the past few weeks have "built in" offsets that will ultimately reduce their individual, and collective, impact upon the U.S., European, and global economies. By Jeff Thredgold

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