Golf for Autism!
The Joshua School hosts its 2nd annual golf tournament at Todd Creek Golf Club in Thornton on Friday June 6. Looking for sponsors & golfers!


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Have you been to the bathrooms at Linger? Like any residential toilet, after you flush, the tank refills with potable water.  Linger’s commodes are no different, but the refilling tank is designed like a sink faucet.  Patrons are encouraged to wash their hands with the soon-to-be toilet water.  On first use it seems both odd and slightly unsanitary (maybe because Linger was once a mortuary turned restaurant, aka “eatuary”), but it’s actually quite brilliant. This toilet/sink combo is a multitasking machine.  But should humans try to do double duty as well? By Laura Cook Newman

Balancing the renewable energy grid
As states increase their generation portfolio’s use of variable renewable technologies, like wind and solar, electric grids will need to rely more on firm baseload energy sources, like hydropower, to provide reliable electricity to consumers.  As a clean, renewable and proven long-term energy source, hydropower deserves to be included in grid resource planning and to be part of our sustainable energy future for a changing world. By Mario Finis 

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A few years ago, I was in the Ukraine to collect folk songs with my granddaughter and Lena, a Russian Academy of Science folklorist. I asked Lena, “Does the Crimea belong to the Ukraine or Russia?” The answer was instantaneous: “Russia, of course!  Khrushchev gave it to the Ukraine in a drunken stupor, but it wasn’t his to give away.” By Tucker Hart Adams

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