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I’ve yet to meet a senior executive or business owner who just puts in his or her eight hours. At that level, the question should be, “How much value can I add in the shortest amount of time?” (Frankly, in a well-run organization, that’s the question people at all levels should ask!) That question means you must become doggedly focused on the right activities and on using time as effectively as possible. Here’s a list of behaviors I’ve observed in the most successful executives I’ve encountered. By Todd Ordal

Best investment bets for 2014
We believe that we're headed into the second stage of an economic recovery here in the United States. In the past, interest rates and stocks have typically risen together during this second stage of economic recovery. We also see correlations among stocks continuing to fall in that environment. Therefore, we favor active styles of management, stock pickers if you will, in some of the investment selections that we're making. By Todd Hauer

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The American craft distilling industry is experiencing profound growth, and Colorado is one of its spirited success stories. In the past 10 years, the number of active U.S. artisanal distilleries has spiked from 60 to about 400; Colorado went from zero to 46 in just a few years. “Colorado has probably set the gold standard for support of craft in the U.S.,” said Penn Jensen, executive director for the newly formed trade organization, the American Craft Distillers Association.  By Gigi Sukin

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