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I’m always amazed at how many leaders expect people to work against their own self-interest. Some examples: Pitch in on an extra project for no possible reward. Show initiative when constantly second-guessed. By Todd Ordal  
Six steps to develop your business theme
Does your business have a theme to focus its top priority strategic efforts? Do you have a personal theme for 2012? By Theresa Szczurek   
With the cost of your average trademark litigation running well into the six figures, the choice to go with a cut-rate clearance search can literally cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars down the line. By Peter Lemire  
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Competition is fierce in the jungle of the employment world these days. If you want to get hired, you must do many things right and very few things wrong. Here are some of the common mistakes I see executives making and how to avoid them. By John Heckers 
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