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We should be aware that "over the long term" doesn't mean "always" in advance so that we aren't surprised when we experience the opposite result of our long-term beliefs. Knowing that we will go through these periods will help us to not give up the ship when our long-term strategy "isn't working." If we want to earn the higher returns that come with owning stocks, we are going to have to hold a long-term perspective, even when it seems foolish. By James Osborne

Best of CoBiz: Six traits of top dogs
People who bully and use intimidation don’t possess real power. They have found a way to wield a perceived level of authority to their advantage. But in the end they will lose any respect they thought they commanded. There are a few things you can do if you want to work on your command presence. Projecting authority, building confidence and being recognized as a leader can take time. You should first identify what is holding you back. By Nicole Nago-Heckers 

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In our increasingly fluid society, people and businesses that don’t feel welcome will leave. And they may not just leave the local community, they may move to an entirely different country. Global power is constantly shifting. One of the major factors in this power shift will be personal effectiveness, and our effectiveness gets far better when we are able to strip away at all the numerous barriers. By Tom Frey

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The people behind CBCA Philanthropy Award winner Arrow Electronics and finalists Odell Brewing Co. and Bellco Credit Union talk about their philosophies. Read more about the finalists and winner.
Fit biz
Gibson Athletic President Brian Smith talks about his business making equipment for functional fitness training.


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