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I recently read that only 6 percent of teenagers check email daily. For those of us who are middle age and in business, it’s still a primary communication tool. I always wondered why my kids respond to texts immediately but rarely reply to email. It’s like I’m speaking Italian and they only understand German! Have you ever run into someone with a different language who points at a map, trying to ask you directions? You probably talk louder and slower, as if they’ll somehow understand. They don’t. We do the same things to our teams at work. By Todd Ordal

What matters to Colorado ag business owners are the concrete and permanent changes in the bill that improve such policies as viable crop insurance and drought and disaster relief for livestock. Outdated direct payment programs – a system that paid producers regardless of incurred losses – were dissolved with little complaint from agriculture groups in exchange for updated revenue loss protection programs. By Suzie Romig

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I am not much of a truck guy, but if I were in the market for an upscale ¾-ton pickup, this is the one I would choose. The Ram in the name is what Dodge is now calling its trucks, so until relatively recently, this would have been a Dodge Ram.  In sharp contrast to the Subaru, this Ram truck is among the quietest vehicle I have ever driven – which is amazing in that it is a diesel. By Jeff Rundles

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