Leading industry experts explain how to manage your water use for maximum cost effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact
May 28-30,2014, in Denver

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Without my company’s consent, I’m giving myself a $500 bonus this month. During the month of June, I am not going to spend any money.  Well, any extra money. I will take care of the necessities: mortgage, car payment, childcare/tuition, and health care. But anything outside of these expenses will be “off limits”.  I’m talking clothes, entertainment, and the biggest offender: food. In honor of David Letterman’s retirement announcement, I present the Top 10 List for a successful spend-free month. By Laura Cook Newman

Mondo Vice President of Marketing Laura McGarrity says the key to keeping employees happy is listening. “We ask them what’s important, and we find that yes, they want to make money, but they might also value working from home now and then, or signing up for a class. It’s often the little things that don’t cost much, like happy hour at work or fruit deliveries, that really make people happy.” By Maria Martin 

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A critical debate over the Uptime Institute's Tier Classification System has long been simmering in the data center industry. It is now time to bring this discussion back to a boil. The tier rating system is often referred to as the industry benchmark for setting design standards and predicting site reliability. But reliance on the tier ratings alone can be misleading. By David Lewis

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