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For decades, leadership observers have known that the quest for a brilliant or heroic leader to save our organizations is a false search destined to disappoint. Yet we continue to await such saviors. We focus too much on the traits and skills of the people at the top and their leadership style, whether it be directive, empowering, authentic, transformational, or whatever. This way of thinking is profoundly limiting and has damaging consequences. By Bob and Gregg Vanourek

Related to market valuation is whether the market is overbought or, in other words, too popular. If there’s a lot of cash flowing to an area, it can become too pricey. The S&P 500 is up 19.25 percent over the last five years. Is there too much cash leaving low-yielding bank accounts, chasing the stock market? Maybe. This can result in a solid economy (and stock market) moving up too quickly. Then BAM! A market correction or bear can occur. This is like spring-cleaning for the markets. By Ron Phillips 

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Joshua Hunt intends to shake up the real estate industry with a flat-fee structure designed to save home sellers thousands of dollars compared to the standard 5.8 percent commission.Denver-based TRELORA – derived from the letters in “Realtor” – charges clients $1,700 to list a home and allows them to choose a flat fee co-op, commonly $3,000, for the buyer’s agent. By Mike Taylor

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