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You need processes to verify the trust you’ve placed in others. Further, you must have clear project ownership. I observed numerous situations in companies where executives didn’t have processes and practices to know what was going on — not at a granular level but at a macro-strategic level. Either inertia or momentum can be dangerous properties in an organization. How do you ensure that strategic initiatives are owned and on track? By Todd Ordal

Festivals, fairs and fundraisers -- Oh my!
You know the drill. Perhaps it’s a school needing sponsors for a team; a non-profit organization putting on a gala fundraising event; or a group raising money to save an historic building. Sponsorships come in all shapes and sizes – and requests come in all amounts of money, too. Once upon a time, sponsorships were simple. You got a t-shirt, maybe a couple of tickets and eternal gratitude. Nowadays, sponsorships are big business, and it’s serious business. By Vicki Felmlee
The recession was a challenging time for builders. But Oakwood Homes managed to make it out of the economic downturn and made a sizeable comeback, opening eight new sales offices in the last 12 months and expanding into Colorado Springs, Omaha and Salt Lake City, with additional markets on the way. How did the Denver developer do it?  By Gigi Sukin

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Daryl Oster likes to call it, “space travel on earth.” Even though tube travel will beat every other form of transportation in terms of speed, power consumption and safety, the big missing element is its infrastructure, a tube network envisioned to combine more than 100,000 miles of connected links. While many look at this and see a huge obstacle, it is actually the biggest opportunity ever. By Tom Frey
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