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If you don’t like your work, the people you work with (or for) or (outside of that) your life or yourself in general, then your career suffers and you bring down the people around you. On the flip side, if you are content and currently bringing joy to your workplace, chances are you’ll lift the people and teams with whom you work. These people will fight over who gets to partner with you on projects, and your work will be efficient and productive. Chances are, that shine of yours will earn you a promotion or attention – bringing more goodness into your life. Being happy is an amazing generator of good work and good will. By Erin Gibbs

Armstrong allows customers to make changes to plans without impacting design costs. This necessitated an internal shipping department to coordinate delivery, which created job opportunities. In almost every case, the buildings Armstrong ships are heavier and require greater shipping coordination. This changed the playing field of original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and has been a significant reason for Armstrong’s rapid growth. By Mike Taylor

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Whether its Tesla Motors announcing the creation of a fully automated battery factory or Google’s purchase of Dropcam, Nest and Skybox, the business world is forecasting the need for radically different skills than colleges and universities are preparing students for. In these types of industries, it’s no longer possible to project the talent needs of business and industry five to six years in advance, the time it takes most universities to develop a new degree program and graduate their first class. By Tom Frey

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