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We got a mailer at our house a couple months ago from a stand-alone ER center in Arvada. If we came in to say hello, the ad said, they would give us a 72-piece first aid kit. It was on the way to my daughter’s school, so I stopped. I go through Band-Aids like a second-grader through scotch tape, so this seemed a good way to stock up. That’s almost the end of the story. By David Sneed

HSAs: More on what to expect
Employers need to take the time to regularly view and understand their HSA reports. In addition, it is critical to analyze the data to see what trends and opportunities for improvement exist. While many employers are strapped for time and resources, business partners, including HSA administrators and brokers/agents, have the experience and knowledge to help in driving positive change. By Dennis Triplett

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In 1972, Luis Abarca had a notion that only in retrospect seems obvious: Mexican food would become mainstream in the U.S. the same way Italian food had, and restaurants were going to need help preparing it. That was the impetus for Ready Foods, a Denver-based food processor that now sells to more than 1,000 restaurants in Colorado as well as to clients in 35 states. By Mike Taylor
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