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  • Four numbers that equal success

    In our business lives, the start of a new fiscal year causes us to look ahead to what we want to accomplish. But I don ...

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  • The trust factor in sales

    If you want your customer’s trust, you have it earn it. You have to build it. You have to work to consistently keep ...

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  • Striding toward a healthier state

    Startups are boldly transforming industries and showing no signs of slowing down. That includes health care, a sector ripe for innovation, thanks to revolutions affecting ...

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  • Strength in sales

    People do business, not social media pages. Don’t get me wrong: I sincerely believe that social media has a great place in any ...

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  • Five tips for marketing automation mastery

    In my more than 20 years in marketing, I’ve seen many companies implement intricate, elegant, dynamic marketing platforms aimed at touching their customers with ...

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Four numbers that equal success

I'm watching these

By Kendra Lee

The trust factor in sales

It's the foundation for success

By Liz Wendling

Strength in sales

It's all about relationships

By Sam Dobbins

Five tips for marketing automation mastery

These drive results

By Nancy Stillwell

Beyond the cold call

How to up your results fast

By Gary Harvey

Creating a powerful call list

The key: Research

By Sam Dobbins

Tracking customer loyalty to resort towns

Great experience = more business

By Suzie Romig

Good habits close more sales

Your mindset controls your paycheck

By Liz Wendling

An interview with Alice the gatekeeper

Here are her biggest pet peeves about sales folk

By Sam Dobbins

The futurist: Blueprint for a Makers District

How to reverse retail's demise

By Thomas Frey

Readers Respond

Where to go when the bank says no

John, I agree with your comment, there are some local small community banks that can think outside the box a little (within the bounds of the regulators), but unfortunately after the crisis allot of these banks have been gobbled up by larger banks. By Glen Weinberg on 2015 04 15

Where to go when the bank says no

Banks are generally corporately owned. In addition to all the regs, they need to answer to the markets-as well as try to insure that the "upper management" stays safe from scrutiny while their stock option values become more valuable. Banks are greedy-period. The only loan they want is a hard money loan-at a lending rate that is outrageous when compared to savings and cd returns. Just another way to kill small business startup and growth in America. And when they falter, they expect the American taxpayer-including that same small business person they turned down for a loan-to bail there greedy posteriors out. I for one, would celebrate the closure of most banks. I went to credit unions long ago and would never use a bank again. By L.F.Long on 2015 04 15

Where to go when the bank says no

The local community bank isn't dead yet. While there has been consolidation, most communities still have at least one Community Bank to work with. You aptly describe the "paint by numbers" banks. Those of us in the Community Bank fold are a little more creative. By John Sneed on 2015 04 15

The futurist: Four laws to manage all our laws

The laws are there to enforce not only on the people; but also to those in office who live as if the law does not apply to them. They all took an OATH OF OFFICE when they became public servants. Their Oath is to support and defind the U.S. Constitution for the united State ofAmerica.....Not US. of America INC. against foreign & DOMESTIC enemies. With fines imposed on one who does not even know they broke a "law" (ordinance, codes) This law is for revenue only. For every public servant who took an oath of office needs to be held accountable. Just go back to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Let these documents stand for what they are suppose to stand for if we wish to see progress in time. Politiicians continually control us with statutes and codes to raise revenue is not law or freedom. Just my opinion of what I have experienced with our current injustice system. By David Coffelt on 2015 04 10

Four steps to great org culture

Thanks, TC. If you are at the top of the heap, culture is formed less "out there" than in your own thoughts and actions. By Todd Ordal on 2015 04 09

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