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    Traditional selling has taught salespeople to listen closely but only listen for “buying signals.” Then as soon as they hear one, jump right ...

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    With spring approaching, many of us turn to gardening as a wonderful way to enjoy our outdoors, escape from the sterile world of work, and ...

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Close your mouth to close the sale

Listening is the key to success

By Liz Wendling

(2) Reader Responses

Cold-call lessons from your garden

Approach it like you would weeding

By Sam Dobbins

The pain imperative in sales

Solve it and sell it

By Gary Harvey

Top 10 cold-calling mistakes

Even pros do these

By Sam Dobbins

(1) Reader Responses

How to handle the price objection

Time to play the game of truth or excuse!

By Liz Wendling

10 ways to handle online reputation management

Avoiding the next PR disaster

By Amy Kelsall

(1) Reader Responses

Chef Laura: Take a number

Is your deli ready to go digital?

By Laura Cook Newman

(7) Reader Responses

March Madness: A marketing metaphor

A perfect balance of data and intuition

By David Heitman

(1) Reader Responses

Business development challenges & tips

Leveraging events to benefit clients and prospects

By John Genell

Readers Respond

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

If women want to be be taken seriously, they should also maintain eye contact during a conversation. Never lose the staring war. By another take on 2014 04 24

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

Yo, L. good words... However, I think I need to interject a possible disagreement (just a little) about your men from mars portion of the article, well just because I think you might be a little off mark (but that's OK, you do a great job). Men don't want to conquer, just to have people obey them. By mmmm.... on 2014 04 24

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

PF chose my favorite line too! Great article that touches on a subtle impact in the workplace. I always keep in mind an old radio commercial for a vocabulary program that said, "people judge you by the words you use." As your article says, HOW you speak also will determine your status. Admittedly, I probably use "dude" too much, but I try to keep that out of the office. By Ted on 2014 04 24

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

Oh, well, Peter Piper picked a pepper, I guess I did! (Thanks for the memories and the insight.) By Randy on 2014 04 24

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

Great article. One of your best. I particularly "like:" "In professional kitchens, if someone was fluent in upspeak, they would also be well-versed in unemployment." "You know" is another unnecessary popular verbal tic - also seeking affirmation, I presume. By PF on 2014 04 24

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