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  • Executive edge: Diedra Garcia

    Diedra Garcia, president and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver (and a ColoradoBiz CEO of the Year finalist) was born in ...

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  • Down with the corporate selfie!

    What do you want to see go out of style this year?  Kale?  Skrillex?  Kim Kardashian?  Here’s one I ...

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  • Phone sales reboot 2015

    There seems to be a dirty little secret in most businesses: We live or die by the telephone.  Whether your inside sales team is ...

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  • Advertising: The benefits of being bold

    Advertising: That single word is the reason for the success and failure of so many businesses. However, it also can be hard to measure or ...

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  • Tech startup: OpenSnow

    OpenSnow outdoes traditional snow forecasts with a narrow focus. “I’m only predicting snow in the mountains and ski areas,” says Gratz. ...

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Down with the corporate selfie!

How to ditch it and still look good

By Julie Hansen

Phone sales reboot 2015

Take a long, hard look at what you've been doing

By Sam Dobbins

Advertising: The benefits of being bold

It can pay off

By John Le Bel

Social media is hurting your business

Measure what matters: sales

By Liz Wendling

(8) Reader Responses

Cold calls, warm heart

Memories and gratitude

By Sam Dobbins

(3) Reader Responses

How tech dependency hurts sales

Communication skills still matter!

By Liz Wendling

Cold-call sales: Practice makes perfect

Here's how I make it look easy

By Sam Dobbins

Dealing with virtual sales rejection

Online of off-line, it still stings

By Liz Wendling

Tricks for tracking trends

How to spot the next new thing

By Tim Dodge

How to be a Challenger Seller

...even if it's not your nature

By Julie Hansen

Readers Respond

The Economist: Businesses are hiring...

You too can land a low paying job and pay a 30% tax rate while spending more time away from your family and any recreation. It's the American way. By Steven Shepard on 2014 12 17

The gift of great hires

Employers who make unreasonable demands from potential employees prior to employment deserve no loyalty or performance after employment. Background checks, credit checks, certifications, drug tests and citizenship verification for a 'job' are intrusive and rude and it is time American workers draw the line on this vulgar HR practice. By Steven Shepard on 2014 12 16

Small Biz: Nearing 80, Joe Sabah still motivates

I have known Joe for over 30 years. One of the all-time good guys. Thanks for doing the story on him. By Ronald Ross on 2014 12 16

More on the great AI debate

Well written article. How can boldness be programmed into AI? I have been a life-long admirer of Alexander the Great. How can his boldness be programmed into any AI? Is that even desirable given the fact that even Alexander's greatest defenders are quick to point out that he was a dangerous Psychopath who killed most of his closest friends and associates. how can AI benefit the world when most people in the world refuse to lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. They simply are there and every organization, military or civilian, must get the most out of these people. Will AI make those of us still working so efficient that most of us will have to be paid to do nothing? Already in our evolution no industry, including agriculture and mining, is labor intensive. I think AI will accelerate this trend. What do you think? By Paul Studdard on 2014 12 15

Measuring success

Todd's comments about metrics AND goal-setting are helpful. The sentence " If you are passionate about solving your customers’ problems and use this as a strategic differentiator, then you better have a way to identify how well you are doing this" leaves us with the question, "What would those metrics be?" How would you measure what success looks like or doesn't? By Mark McCulley on 2014 12 12

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