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  • Act with inspiring courage

    Mastering your fears begins with having the courage to fail, which is the opposite of being afraid to fail. If not managed and controlled, being ...

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  • Small-town spirits and savvy

    Lakeside, the smallest incorporated town in Colorado – with fewer residents than you can count on two hands – recently welcomed one of the largest ...

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  • Crash course: Hack attack prevention tips

    There I sat, wide-eyed, the day before Christmas, as my computer died a horrible death from a virus (or hackers). Unable to access any of ...

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  • Beat the job-search blues

    The holiday glow has worn off and the guilt of taking a few weeks off to spend with your family and to over-indulge is kicking ...

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  • Breaking bad sales habits

    It's never easy to acknowledge that you may have developed some bad sales habits. Breaking a bad sales habit is not an event, but ...

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  • Success at a Mile Hi

    To both grow and give back, Mile Hi has been diligent about planning strategically and keeping its finances in order. Partnering with the right company ...

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  • Kick-starting the new year

    When meeting with clients, we often explain to them that securing intellectual property rights of inventions or products is an important step of the process, ...

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  • Trends everyone missed at this year’s CES

    Every year that I attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, I reach a point of overload of product strategies and emerging trends ...

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  • Mainstreaming marijuana in the mountains

    On Main Street in Breckenridge you can get a tattoo. You can buy a bottle of scotch or snarf down fat-laden french fries advertised as ...

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  • Cleaning house

    Don’t take cultural change lightly; follow a “think-plan-do-do-do” model. This isn’t the area of business to try new things ...

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Act with inspiring courage

Do you control fear, or does fear control you?

By TC North

Small-town spirits and savvy

Lakeside liquor store employees outnumber residents

By Gigi Sukin

‘STEM-phasis’ revisited

Job outlook for science and engineering grads not so clear

By Mike Dano

How free Wi-Fi makes people happy

And more productive

By Shawn Adamson

UMB’s 2015 Prognosis: More momentum

Favorable outlook backed by Top Company roundtable

By Mike Taylor

Crash course: Hack attack prevention tips

Your computer doesn't have to die like mine did

By Esty Atlas

Unique challenges for women investors

Are you playing catch-up for retirement?

By Shelley Ford

Beat the job-search blues

Not only survive but thrive

By Shawna Simcik

(1) Reader Responses

Colorado’s bigger, stronger discrimination law

What it might mean for your business

By Adam Brown

(2) Reader Responses

Breaking bad sales habits

Change them to create incredible results

By Liz Wendling

Success at a Mile Hi

Local accounting firm offers peace of mind solutions and personal attention

By Nadine Pietrowski

Kick-starting the new year

Crowdfunding might be just what your business needs

By Peter Lemire

Readers Respond

Executive wheels: BMW fail

I had the same thought Jerry had upon reading this post. City streets?? Really? When reviewing an M-anything, city streets and that class of car do not belong in the same paragraph let alone sentence. By Pashmina on 2014 12 23

Human resources: an exec’s worst enemy

As a 23 year old mastermind intellectual, I find it depressing that corporations - with their internationally acclaimed precedence - hire fools and clowns such as HR It is as safe to say that 2/3 of the HR people are entirely blind to, "personal" perspectives. And as a result always wish to find a square peg for the square hole, and not a round peg for a square hole to actually innovate. Whatever "perfect" you want - there cannot be a perfect candidate. So you must train them. That's another thing! 2/3rd of the HR populous are lazy ass's who don't train their professionals upon hiring. That says something. If you're stupid enough to "Look for the perfect candidate" and at the same time not train a POTENTIAL perfect candidate. you are wasting as much as time for the company for "Human RESOURCES" as you are claiming would-be perfect candidates as inferior. By Amir Ali on 2014 12 21

What do Dominos and an appraiser have in common?

Good article, but I would disagree on values with appraisers coming in inflated at 20%. I think most real estate brokers with highly disagree with this statement. The mess created by the supposed "appraisal pool" and how they now do things is totally bazaar! Most people know appraisals are only done, for the most part, for lenders- so beware and be prepared as the article suggests. By Fred R Schneider on 2014 12 19

The Economist: Businesses are hiring...

You too can land a low paying job and pay a 30% tax rate while spending more time away from your family and any recreation. It's the American way. By Steven Shepard on 2014 12 17

The gift of great hires

Employers who make unreasonable demands from potential employees prior to employment deserve no loyalty or performance after employment. Background checks, credit checks, certifications, drug tests and citizenship verification for a 'job' are intrusive and rude and it is time American workers draw the line on this vulgar HR practice. By Steven Shepard on 2014 12 16

Small Biz: Nearing 80, Joe Sabah still motivates

I have known Joe for over 30 years. One of the all-time good guys. Thanks for doing the story on him. By Ronald Ross on 2014 12 16

More on the great AI debate

Well written article. How can boldness be programmed into AI? I have been a life-long admirer of Alexander the Great. How can his boldness be programmed into any AI? Is that even desirable given the fact that even Alexander's greatest defenders are quick to point out that he was a dangerous Psychopath who killed most of his closest friends and associates. how can AI benefit the world when most people in the world refuse to lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. They simply are there and every organization, military or civilian, must get the most out of these people. Will AI make those of us still working so efficient that most of us will have to be paid to do nothing? Already in our evolution no industry, including agriculture and mining, is labor intensive. I think AI will accelerate this trend. What do you think? By Paul Studdard on 2014 12 15

Measuring success

Todd's comments about metrics AND goal-setting are helpful. The sentence " If you are passionate about solving your customers’ problems and use this as a strategic differentiator, then you better have a way to identify how well you are doing this" leaves us with the question, "What would those metrics be?" How would you measure what success looks like or doesn't? By Mark McCulley on 2014 12 12

Executive wheels: BMW fail

Given theauthor's bias I'm surprised he was asked to evaluate the car. His basic premise that the operating the M4 in the city at normal speeds is very unexciting is flawed. While true, that's not the reason to own this car, and city streets are the worst place to test it. I drove 3 different M class cars at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg and it is amazing what they are capable of. I've never driven cars that had the acceleration, suspension, turning, and braking characteristics of the M class cars, while simultaneously allowing the driver to feel totally safe in a very stable, ground-hugging vehicle. As I read the article I surmised that perhaps the author might have the same disdain for the numerous SUVs on the market that weren't designed for city streets either. My conclusion? RIght car, wrong interviewer. Let him test and review 4 cylinder city sedans in the future! By Jerry Maglio on 2014 12 11

Social media is hurting your business

Thanks for the follow up. Figured you might have felt that way. Social Media is like any tool in that if you use a hammer when you should have used a screwdriver - you're going to fail... wink By Sean Campbell on 2014 12 10
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Top Company 2014: Ecosphere Environmental Services

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