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  • The futurist: Disrupting government

    Roger Ver has adopted the moniker “Bitcoin Jesus” and is one of the currency’s most ardent supporters as well as a ...

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  • Top 10 labor law compliance pitfalls

    Employers, HR directors and payroll managers have a lot on their plate when it comes to compliance.  It’s extremely difficult to stay ...

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  • The beauty of a routine

    Routinized work has gotten a bad reputation. I readily admit I couldn’t spend all day on an assembly line and be happy. Even ...

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  • Sales reality check: Excuses, excuses

    The telephone sits on your desk, quietly waiting to take your message to some lucky person buried deep in the spreadsheet of names you have ...

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  • Real estate: Labor pains

    Cranes dotting the skyline are a sure sign that Colorado’s construction industry and overarching economy is improving from the devastation of the 2007-2009 ...

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  • Three tips to help you stand outside of overwhelm

    Do you ever feel steamrolled by the craziness of life, which seems to explode in spite of your attempts to keep the peace? Stress is ...

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  • How to get your IP in order before a sale or investment

    If your company is considering a sale or investment in the near or medium term, there are a number of actions you can take now ...

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  • The futurist: 44 mind-blowing “situational futuring” scenarios

    Last week, I got into a discussion with a friend about the concept of self-contained water. If you think in terms of picking up a ...

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  • When passion drives profits

    Profitability stems from service to our communities and employees. It’s a circle of life, and I appreciate those who are dedicated to making ...

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  • Top 10 goal-setting mistakes

    Most managers fall short in their goal-setting process. Consequently, their teams are much less likely to achieve their goals. Here are 10 common goal-setting mistakes and ...

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CU Denver’s Anschutz Center hosts ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss’

State of the state: Health care

By Katie Feldhaus

The futurist: Disrupting government

Why countries will soon sompete for citizens

By Thomas Frey

Top 10 labor law compliance pitfalls

Avoid these to avoid big penalties

By Kalen Fraser

The beauty of a routine

Get it on the calendar

By Todd Ordal

Tech startup: PrintReleaf

By Eric Peterson

Where are all the Colorado PBCs?

Some states registered more in just one day

By Dan Shah & Kerby Meyers

(3) Reader Responses

Sales reality check: Excuses, excuses

Is there really a bad time to pick up the phone?

By Sam Dobbins

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Real estate: Labor pains

Building surge leaves contractors scrambling for workers

By Margaret Jackson

Perks and benefits of outsourcing

Is it right for your business?

By Ben Walker

(1) Reader Responses

Three tips to help you stand outside of overwhelm

Choose calm and confidence instead

By Lauren Miller

How to get your IP in order before a sale or investment

Save time and resources

By Lindsay Silber

Readers Respond

Crafty bean scene

Can't wait to try the coffee/beer fusion. And I like what Philip had to say about the social impact of coffee and the importance of the human element. By Ted on 2014 07 04

Drama works at the office

I think salary secrecy is an attempt to avoid some of the drama in the work place as opposed to keeping anybody down on the pay scale. In many businesses, its very seldom that any two people do the exact same job or have the exact same responsibilities. And face it, everyone does not perform at the same level. There are numerous sources for employees to find out what kind of pay ranges there are in the market place. They have the option of negotiating a better wage or leaving for greener pastures. If the compensation is acceptable to the employee for the job performed, what difference does it make what someone else in the company is paid? By John Gimple on 2014 07 02

Drama works at the office

As a small business owner myself, I understand the importance of leading a drama-free workplace but rather than "dissing" a former employee for revealing her compensation to co-workers, why not embrace the opportunity to have a frank discussion with remaining employees? It seems like a great opportunity to open a discussion about developing skills, increasing productivity, and giving clients/customers more value. By Casey on 2014 07 02

Drama works at the office

Salary secrecy is what holds many women and minorities at low pay levels compared with their peers. Some states are passing laws making it illegAl to require employees to maintain their salaries as confidential. Yes, there are reasons why some people are paid more than others and if you can't justify them, do the right thing for the other employees and give them a raise! By Cindy Wolf on 2014 07 02

Drama works at the office

"Gal"? "Girl"? You're a woman, don't be "that woman." I see your points, but they are negated by your condescending terminology. By Nora on 2014 07 02

Are you a go-getter or master procrastinator?

Liz- Even though I moved away from Denver in January I still enjoy reading your posts here. Thanks especially for this one, it is both timely & relevant for me. By Michael E. Schmidlen on 2014 07 02

Crafty bean scene

Coors, weed and now coffee! No wonder folks in Colorado are so happy. By Minerva on 2014 07 02

Crafty bean scene

Best coffee lately: City Bakery Cafe, 7th and Lincoln, ask for Chris. By Terri Maize on 2014 07 01

Crafty bean scene

I'm so glad to see that Colorado (or maybe just Denver) is getting into the coffee business like they are the craft food business. I had a friend from Germany touring Denver last week and I was able to take her out for "espresso" at two different unique and good venues. Hopefully with enough locals we can push back against the dreaded Starbucks. By Buzz Buzz on 2014 07 01

How to make the impossible possible

Thanks, Liz! Sorry to give you a bad flashback. I hear your new boss is totally rocks and is filled with positivity! By TC North on 2014 06 30
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