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  • Give the gift of stock

    The idea of giving stocks to children and teens this holiday season is an attractive option for some parents and grandparents. Gifting stock is an ...

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  • Best of CoBiz: Eight signs it’s time to exit the corporate jungle

     If you're not cut out for corporate America, don't think that you are stuck there just because you've been there. You' ...

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  • Best Companies to Work For 2014

    Why are we so interested in catching a glimpse of the inner workings of other professional environments? Can it really be that much better to ...

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  • Make or break relationships this holiday season

    We actually are biologically wired for empathetic responses along with the ability to read and respond to other people’s emotions. Mirror neurons were ...

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  • Six reasons to add live chat to your website

    You’ve seen that little chat box on websites you frequent. You may even have used the live chat function on a consumer or ...

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  • Shine a year-end spotlight on your finances

    A year-end financial review can be instrumental to your future financial success. However, you may not want to wait until the end of the year ...

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  • Executive edge: Diedra Garcia

    Diedra Garcia, president and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver (and a ColoradoBiz CEO of the Year finalist) was born in ...

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  • Down with the corporate selfie!

    What do you want to see go out of style this year?  Kale?  Skrillex?  Kim Kardashian?  Here’s one I ...

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  • The gift of great hires

    The process of finding the right people is not easy, and employment law is a minefield. As employer, following employment “rules” is a ...

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  • Executive wheels: MINI but mighty

    On a recent visit to a Colorado small town, I saw an old MINI, the British one with the right-drive, and I marveled at how ...

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Give the gift of stock

Financial legacy and life lessons

By Stephen Stribling

Best of CoBiz: Eight signs it’s time to exit the corporate jungle

And four things you can do instead

By John Heckers

Best Companies to Work For 2014

Workplace insight

By Gigi Sukin

Make or break relationships this holiday season

It takes just one choice

By Lauren Miller

Six reasons to add live chat to your website

How about more sales?

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Made in Colorado: Get your giving going!

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Shine a year-end spotlight on your finances

It might brighten your future

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Four tips to value your home

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Executive edge: Diedra Garcia

Hispanic chamber leader draws on small-business past

By Lynn Bronikowski

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Down with the corporate selfie!

How to ditch it and still look good

By Julie Hansen

New home health care rules

What you need to know

By Kalen Fraser

The Economist: Businesses are hiring…

...but landing that job might take some work

By Tucker Hart Adams

(1) Reader Responses

The gift of great hires

Not always easy, but definitely worth it

By Erin Gibbs

(1) Reader Responses

Readers Respond

Executive wheels: BMW fail

Given theauthor's bias I'm surprised he was asked to evaluate the car. His basic premise that the operating the M4 in the city at normal speeds is very unexciting is flawed. While true, that's not the reason to own this car, and city streets are the worst place to test it. I drove 3 different M class cars at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg and it is amazing what they are capable of. I've never driven cars that had the acceleration, suspension, turning, and braking characteristics of the M class cars, while simultaneously allowing the driver to feel totally safe in a very stable, ground-hugging vehicle. As I read the article I surmised that perhaps the author might have the same disdain for the numerous SUVs on the market that weren't designed for city streets either. My conclusion? RIght car, wrong interviewer. Let him test and review 4 cylinder city sedans in the future! By Jerry Maglio on 2014 12 11

Social media is hurting your business

Thanks for the follow up. Figured you might have felt that way. Social Media is like any tool in that if you use a hammer when you should have used a screwdriver - you're going to fail... wink By Sean Campbell on 2014 12 10

Maine attraction

excellent article. i love to see American Ingenuity hard at work. Congrats Doug and Nancy on your success will stop by next time I'm in Northern Colorado By Glen on 2014 12 10

Earning my wings

so glad to see your return! what a great program! keep up the good work! By Ta Tee on 2014 12 10

Social media is hurting your business

you are right Sean...it can be used effectively to drive the sale forward and it does. I have seen it. I just see people using it just to use it and fail. They gt on social media and wing it. Thanks for the comment. By Liz Wendling on 2014 12 10

Maine attraction

As a native New Englanders, this is exciting news! I hope they are using the "correct" buns for their Lobstah rolls (top split, golden buttered each side) as they do "down Maine". But Utz chips??? That's a Pennsylvania staple! Wise chips or Cape Cod chips would be more authentic. Mmmmmm...now I'm hungry. Good luck on this venture. By Chef Laura on 2014 12 10

Weld County tops the nation in employment gains for 2013

The figures are impressive. Ashley Olsen By Ashley Olsen on 2014 12 10

Earning my wings

Indeed you're earning your wings! A good lesson for all of us to help those closest to home. Minerva By Tricia Cook on 2014 12 09

Social media is hurting your business

I think it's pretty obvious that you shouldn't do something if you can't measure it and if you don't understand how to do it well. But that's not the same as saying you shouldn't do it at all. This whole blog post would have been better if it laid out some rationales as to why you "should" leverage social media and not just why you "shouldn't." Because otherwise I'm inclined to believe this is more of just a rant - by someone who doesn't know how to use social to sell / market. As opposed to someone who knows when to use it and when not to. Because it can be used to effectively drive a sales cycle forward. I'm living proof. smile By Sean Campbell on 2014 12 09

Earning my wings

Sounds like a great cause. Way to get in the holiday spirit! By Ted on 2014 12 09
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