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  • Make Thanksgiving a lifestyle

    As we approach Thanksgiving, consider the invitation to make Thanksgiving a lifestyle, giving thanks for the gift of life and the opportunity to grow in ...

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  • The futurist: How to become a star

    On a recent trip to Amsterdam, I had a conversation with Axel Rüger, director of the renowned Van Gogh Museum about what it ...

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  • How to inspire loyalty and retention

    Where businesses go wrong is in assuming that if they offer a good product or service and market it effectively, that’s basically all ...

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  • Top four ways to add value to your business

    Think about some of the famous brands you see every day. Everyone recognizes these brands, and expect a certain experience whether walking into a store ...

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  • Top six rules for dealing with uncertainty

    “Toddy-boy, you’re just going to have to deal with the ambiguity!” Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinko’s, said that to ...

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  • The futurist: Why who you were still matters—and doesn’t

    Whatever happened to that young child you were not so many years ago? As a baby, life was all about eating, sleeping,and dry diapers. ...

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  • Cold calls, warm heart

    Happy holidays! I can’t wait to add that phrase to my phone calls at this time of year.  Everything about the season ...

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  • Executive wheels: Toyota sticker shock

    The truth is, I really like all three vehicles – I like the way they drive, the visibility, power, roominess and styling. I like all ...

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  • Executive edge: Diedra Garcia

    Diedra Garcia, president and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver (and a ColoradoBiz CEO of the Year finalist) was born in ...

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  • Big Data and the boardroom

    Businesses today now collect billions of additional pieces of digital information on customers, processes, products, competitors and employees. Very few of these bits and bytes ...

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Make Thanksgiving a lifestyle

Gratitude can save your life

By Lauren Miller

Help avoid litigation with an ethical will

It's been around for a while

By Morgan Wiener

Eleven trends for finding fame

The future of getting noticed: Part II

By Thomas Frey

The futurist: How to become a star

The future of getting noticed: Part 1

By Thomas Frey

(1) Reader Responses

Mergers and acquisitions

Colorado firms strike deals while time is right

By Nora Caley

How to inspire loyalty and retention

Hint: Make it personal

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw

(1) Reader Responses

Fast-track to U.S. residency

Immigrant Investor program gains a following in Colorado

By Eric Peterson

Top four ways to add value to your business

What every biz owner needs to know pre-valuation

By Mark Trenner

Stepping up your absence management

How technology can help to ensure compliance

By Jason Cole

The Economist: Businesses are hiring…

...but landing that job might take some work

By Tucker Hart Adams

Top 10 things to do before a divorce

Think carefully

By Suzanne Griffiths

The futurist: Why who you were no longer matters

Part II: My 18 reasons

By Thomas Frey

Readers Respond

How tech dependency hurts sales

Liz, I am so guilty of this. I am getting better and making a point to stop emailing so much. I tell myself its easier but know that picking up the phone deepens the connections I have with my current clients. I know it works on prospects too. Thanks. Steve By steve on 2014 11 12

West Slope city on the rebound

A huge asset and attraction to the Grand Junction area & community, not mentioned in this article, is Colorado Mesa University which continues to expand its campus, studies, and student population. Colorado Mesa University attracts a demographic that infuses this community with culture, intellectual stimulus, and vivacious creative youth. Grand Junction's wineries & vineyards, fruit orchards, and valley grown veggies are a tasty business venture for the locals and new investors. The Farm-to-Table industry is growing in popularity and continues to tantalize people to re-locate to our health-conscious community. By cynthia komlo on 2014 11 10

Cold-call sales: Practice makes perfect

Thanks Sam, As always....your article hits on so many critical components of success. I liked this line.... “Magic” is really nothing more than hard work combined with years of experience! That should be on a plaque. Good stuff. Liz By Liz Wendling on 2014 11 10

Sports biz: Going out of biz

Thanks & Nice Job, Stewart -> Best of Luck with whatever comes next . . . PvH By Phil von Hake on 2014 11 06

Oilfield innovators drawn to water

Thanks, that is interesting to see how the treatment is completed and the evolution in the industry. By frank kinder on 2014 11 05

Rundles wrap up: Hot or not – Every boom must go a’ bust

Jeff, Great article. I am a lender myself and can't believe the apartments going up everywhere. More surprising is the premium prices people are paying all the way up to Longmont. Unfortunately this is all being driven by extremely low rates, it is not hard to make a nice return when you are borrowing at 2 or 3%. The party is definitely not sustainable and will end badly at some point. By Glen Weinberg on 2014 11 05

Managing uncertainty with confidence

Kathleen, Great column! I was introduced to Robert Schuller many years ago and have devoured his writings finding great quotations and questions that have improved my faith in people, to inspire others, to help others resolve directional issues in their lives (including my own). I love your hit points or questions on leadership, personal development. Your article should be passed out to everyone in a company. Then, let personal responsibility generate change. By Jeffrey C. Fischer on 2014 11 04

Five things everyone should know about relocating

Nice post .... Thanks for sharing By Carmon Dobbins on 2014 11 01

Dealing with virtual sales rejection

Spot on! Yet again. I enjoy reading your articles. By duane on 2014 10 30

Dealing with virtual sales rejection

Great message, Liz! By Todd Ordal on 2014 10 30
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