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  • Shine a year-end spotlight on your finances

    A year-end financial review can be instrumental to your future financial success. However, you may not want to wait until the end of the year ...

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  • Executive edge: Diedra Garcia

    Diedra Garcia, president and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver (and a ColoradoBiz CEO of the Year finalist) was born in ...

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  • Down with the corporate selfie!

    What do you want to see go out of style this year?  Kale?  Skrillex?  Kim Kardashian?  Here’s one I ...

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  • The gift of great hires

    The process of finding the right people is not easy, and employment law is a minefield. As employer, following employment “rules” is a ...

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  • Executive wheels: MINI but mighty

    On a recent visit to a Colorado small town, I saw an old MINI, the British one with the right-drive, and I marveled at how ...

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  • The impact of lower oil prices

    You may have noticed that you are paying a lot less at the gas pump then you were even a month ago. To put things ...

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  • Measuring success

    I was on a trip to a prospective client who wanted help crafting strategy and better articulating objectives. The CEO had a great deal of ...

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  • The futurist: The great artifical intelligence debate

    I’ve been closely watching the debate on artificial intelligence (AI) with people like Rodney Brooks saying it’s only a tool, and ...

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  • Phone sales reboot 2015

    There seems to be a dirty little secret in most businesses: We live or die by the telephone.  Whether your inside sales team is ...

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  • Executive wheels: BMW fail

    Let’s be clear: it is one of the coolest-looking cars on the street. It is sleek, low and in the Austin Yellow Metallic ...

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ColoradoBiz Web Exclusives

Shine a year-end spotlight on your finances

It might brighten your future

By Shelley Ford

What do Dominos and an appraiser have in common?

Four tips to value your home

By Glen Weinberg

Executive edge: Diedra Garcia

Hispanic chamber leader draws on small-business past

By Lynn Bronikowski

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Down with the corporate selfie!

How to ditch it and still look good

By Julie Hansen

New home health care rules

What you need to know

By Kalen Fraser

The Economist: Businesses are hiring…

...but landing that job might take some work

By Tucker Hart Adams

(1) Reader Responses

The gift of great hires

Not always easy, but definitely worth it

By Erin Gibbs

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Executive wheels: MINI but mighty

With ultra-pricey extras

By Jeff Rundles

The impact of lower oil prices

At home and worldwide

By Fred Taylor

More on the great AI debate

If humans were wheels...

By Thomas Frey

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Putting Colorado on the digital health map

Diversity is key

By Triche Guenin

Measuring success

Can't get there if nobody else knows where you're going

By Todd Ordal

(1) Reader Responses

The futurist: The great artifical intelligence debate

We're all pixels on life's great masterpiece

By Thomas Frey

Readers Respond

How tech dependency hurts sales

Liz- Another GREAT post! As a "relationship sales person" for over 30 years, I can personally attest to the vast benefits of establishing and maintaining long-term, mutually beneficial business and personal relationships. Technology is merely a tool that we should use to help us to better communicate, not as a means of replacing personal interaction. IMHO, this is going to be a difficult "life lesson" to learn for the Gen X & Gen Y crowd, who are so tech dependent that they truly don't understand or comprehend this concept. Keep up the GREAT WORK, THANK YOU! By Michael E. Schmidlen on 2014 11 19

Cold calls, warm heart

Another good one. Happy holidays to you!!! People DO remember who you make them feel, not what you say. Liz By Liz Wendling on 2014 11 18

Cold-call sales: Practice makes perfect

On a slow day i receive 10 cold calls a day. On a busy day the number approaches 30. I no longer answer my telephone unless I recognize the caller ID. Cold calling has taken a tool of my business and turned it into a dreaded interruption of what ever I am trying to accomplish. The 30 minutes of voice mail box capacity is easily filled before the day is out unless I get in and delete the messages. All those robo calls hang on the line for a minute and chew up capacity. I do make note of who is calling so that I can bad mouth them when opportunity arises and I make sure I never utilize their services. These people have absolutely no understanding of courtesy or appropriateness. At least a bill collector has a legitimate reason to call. By Tom Farney on 2014 11 17

Cold calls, warm heart

Sam, once you've figured out that you found your passion and you throughly believe in your product or service, the cold call exerciise is a no-brainer. By Scott Johnson on 2014 11 17

Cold calls, warm heart

Sam, This is a great article, it sounds hokey, but it is amazing how much smiling on the phone can change a call. I was not a believer until I was given the same advice buy an excellent salesman many years ago. By Glen Weinberg on 2014 11 17

Executive edge: Diedra Garcia

Good article, however, it was disappointing to see you advocating energy policy having zero awareness of its effects, save for the obvious economic benefits. Respectfully, please leave your lack of understanding of hydraulic fracturing to those who understand its long term consequences. If you do not understand surfactant chemistry, and the inherent associated geologic forces, you should not make assertions as though you do. Thank you. By Richard Valdez on 2014 11 14

Five tips to overcome "Gratitude Deficit Disorder"

Thanks, I needed that smile By Christy Yale on 2014 11 13

How tech dependency hurts sales

Liz, Thanks again for continuing to bring out the very best in me ! I really appreciate you sharing your Killer Sales Stuff .......it is contagious in a great way......and best of all...no more..." What we have here is a failure to communicate". Instead..." What we have here is a real purpose to communicate". I like it! sam By Cold Call King on 2014 11 12

How tech dependency hurts sales

Liz, I am so guilty of this. I am getting better and making a point to stop emailing so much. I tell myself its easier but know that picking up the phone deepens the connections I have with my current clients. I know it works on prospects too. Thanks. Steve By steve on 2014 11 12

West Slope city on the rebound

A huge asset and attraction to the Grand Junction area & community, not mentioned in this article, is Colorado Mesa University which continues to expand its campus, studies, and student population. Colorado Mesa University attracts a demographic that infuses this community with culture, intellectual stimulus, and vivacious creative youth. Grand Junction's wineries & vineyards, fruit orchards, and valley grown veggies are a tasty business venture for the locals and new investors. The Farm-to-Table industry is growing in popularity and continues to tantalize people to re-locate to our health-conscious community. By cynthia komlo on 2014 11 10
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