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  • Simplicity is good for business

    In 1418, a competition was announced in Florence, Italy.  The city’s magnificent cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, had been under construction for more ...

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  • Taking aim on greenhouse gases

    The building at 1515 Wynkoop in Denver’s LoDo district has obvious attractions. Home to everything from law to insurance to oil-and-gas firms, the 306,791-square-foot ...

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  • Top five ways to grow your business in 2015

    If you are like most business leaders, then growing your business is always a top priority. With the New Year in full swing, it is ...

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  • Ten commandments of content marketing

    Although you don’t have to etch this into stone, you should definitely take notes and make sure you are following these guiding principles ...

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  • Sales savvy: Keeping tabs on cold calls

    There is nothing more frustrating than to confuse “Jacob Johnston” with “John Jacobs” in your sales notes.  There you are, ...

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  • Act with inspiring courage

    Mastering your fears begins with having the courage to fail, which is the opposite of being afraid to fail. If not managed and controlled, being ...

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  • Small-town spirits and savvy

    Lakeside, the smallest incorporated town in Colorado – with fewer residents than you can count on two hands – recently welcomed one of the largest ...

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  • Crash course: Hack attack prevention tips

    There I sat, wide-eyed, the day before Christmas, as my computer died a horrible death from a virus (or hackers). Unable to access any of ...

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  • Beat the job-search blues

    The holiday glow has worn off and the guilt of taking a few weeks off to spend with your family and to over-indulge is kicking ...

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  • Breaking bad sales habits

    It's never easy to acknowledge that you may have developed some bad sales habits. Breaking a bad sales habit is not an event, but ...

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Simplicity is good for business

But sometimes easier said than done

By Helen Raleigh

Taking aim on greenhouse gases

57 Denver buildings enrolled in city program to cut energy use

By Allen Best

Top five ways to grow your business in 2015

No. 1: Focus on your customers

By Ben Walker

Beyond Farms & Ranches

Agriculture experts see collaboration as key to growth

By Maria Martin

Ten commandments of content marketing

Get noticed -- and get results

By Michelle Ellis

(1) Reader Responses

Guidance from the Council on Environmental Quality

Modernizing NEPA implementation

By Sandra Snodgrass and Dessa Reimer

Sales savvy: Keeping tabs on cold calls

You gotta have a system

By Sam Dobbins

(2) Reader Responses

State of the state: Winter sports

World Ski Championships bring visible benefits to Vail

By Gigi Sukin

Act with inspiring courage

Do you control fear, or does fear control you?

By TC North

Regional report:

Loveland-Greeley-Fort Collins ripe for innovation, expansion

By Suzie Romig

Small-town spirits and savvy

Lakeside liquor store employees outnumber residents

By Gigi Sukin

‘STEM-phasis’ revisited

Job outlook for science and engineering grads not so clear

By Mike Dano

How free Wi-Fi makes people happy

And more productive

By Shawn Adamson

Readers Respond

Social media is hurting your business

you are right Sean...it can be used effectively to drive the sale forward and it does. I have seen it. I just see people using it just to use it and fail. They gt on social media and wing it. Thanks for the comment. By Liz Wendling on 2014 12 10

Maine attraction

As a native New Englanders, this is exciting news! I hope they are using the "correct" buns for their Lobstah rolls (top split, golden buttered each side) as they do "down Maine". But Utz chips??? That's a Pennsylvania staple! Wise chips or Cape Cod chips would be more authentic. Mmmmmm...now I'm hungry. Good luck on this venture. By Chef Laura on 2014 12 10

Weld County tops the nation in employment gains for 2013

The figures are impressive. Ashley Olsen By Ashley Olsen on 2014 12 10

Earning my wings

Indeed you're earning your wings! A good lesson for all of us to help those closest to home. Minerva By Tricia Cook on 2014 12 09

Social media is hurting your business

I think it's pretty obvious that you shouldn't do something if you can't measure it and if you don't understand how to do it well. But that's not the same as saying you shouldn't do it at all. This whole blog post would have been better if it laid out some rationales as to why you "should" leverage social media and not just why you "shouldn't." Because otherwise I'm inclined to believe this is more of just a rant - by someone who doesn't know how to use social to sell / market. As opposed to someone who knows when to use it and when not to. Because it can be used to effectively drive a sales cycle forward. I'm living proof. smile By Sean Campbell on 2014 12 09

Earning my wings

Sounds like a great cause. Way to get in the holiday spirit! By Ted on 2014 12 09

Changing careers after 50

Gale, enjoyed your article and now I know 'what I am'....an encore entrepreneur. I also agree with Gary (as I'm coming from executive sales career of 20 years and now a sales development consultant) that many new business owners need to learn how to sell. Whether that is through coaching, training or gaining strategic deal support, it's usually a gap that needs to be filled. By Sandra Anderson on 2014 12 09

Changing careers after 50

Gale, good article. If I may, one more point I would add to your list is, "do I know how to sell what it is my new business will offer?" I've seen too many new business's fail because of this last point. ' have trained many new business owners that might have a much better, if not the best new mouse trap, however they do not know how to sell it and therefore needed to learn. Being a sales coach, won't surprise you I add that to the list. ha! By gary harvey on 2014 12 09

Earning my wings

Many years ago I delivered some Meals on Wheels food packets for an afternoon. I was assisting an old hand at the process. After we left the apartment of an old women who had pet cats, but couldn't clean up after them, my companion looked at me and said "you know, you have no cares in your life - right". To this day when my problems mount I think about the sad old lady and thank my lucky stars. By Oscar on 2014 12 09

Earning my wings

You'll be an AF1 in no time! By Pater Xmas on 2014 12 09
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