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  • Three keys to business longevity

    As a hotbed for small business, Colorado sees more startups than most states, but also sees a larger percentage of small businesses fail than the ...

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  • Winds of change: How-tos for successful transitions

    You’ve been through it. We all have. It’s when the winds of change start blowing. Transition is coming. It may be ...

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  • The futurist: 192 uses for drones

    The thought occurred to me that mounting a video projector to a flying drone could give it unusual capabilities. My first idea was to use ...

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  • Sales: Use it or lose it!

    What’s your morning routine (process) to get you ready for the day? Whether you realize it or not, your morning routine is a ...

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  • Executive wheels: Meet the new New Beetle

    The new New Beetle is instantly recognizable as a VW Beetle, carrying on with that iconic exterior. It is, however, a different vehicle from the ...

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  • Challenge your assumptions

    Look into your own business and personal beliefs. Where are the inherent assumptions you should be challenging about your employees, your clients, your market and ...

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  • The futurist: Should bots have bank accounts?

    The year is 2027, and Winston, a newly born house-bot charged with doing a number of domestic chores including cleaning, meal prep, laundry, and building maintenance, ...

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  • Designing Denver

    These are thrilling – and essential – times in regards to the future of the Mile High City.  Approximately 15,000 housing units are being built ...

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  • Harness your positive power

    Self-motivation is the stuff of successful people everywhere.  These "winners" in our society don't wait for permission to try the next bright idea, ...

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  • Health care’s perfect storm

    Today we are seeing a “perfect storm” that is enabling the next shift in employee benefits. Following the enacting of the Affordable Care ...

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Three keys to business longevity

Lessons learned over 75 years

By Deborah Brackney

Another 112 far-out uses for drones

Will we have drones watching the workers watching the drones?

By Thomas Frey

Top Company 2014: Financial services

Winner: SquareTwo Financial

By Mike Dano

Winds of change: How-tos for successful transitions

We all go through them

By Theresa M. Szczurek

The futurist: 192 uses for drones

Here are the first 80

By Thomas Frey

Top Company 2014: Technology

Winner: SendGrid

By Nora Caley

Sales: Use it or lose it!

All superstars have a process

By Liz Wendling

Executive wheels: Meet the new New Beetle

Same as the old Jetta

By Jeff Rundles

The Economist: Employment statistics

What do they tell us about the economy?

By Tucker Hart Adams

(2) Reader Responses

Challenge your assumptions

Or you’ll be planning for a world that no longer exists

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw

Denver investors are optimistic about the future

So says a Morgan Stanley Investor Pulse Poll

By Keith Robinson

Top Company 2014: Telecom

Winner: ViaWest

By Nora Caley

The futurist: Should bots have bank accounts?

It's going to get complicated

By Thomas Frey

Readers Respond

Look beyond the resume for the best hire

Great article Glen, illustrating how it comes down to "can they do the work that needs to be done"? Nick at asktheheadhunter.com has been preaching this approach for many years to try to help both those doing the interviewing and those being interviewed. You should share your example with him and his readers as it hits home on how your approach worked best for everyone. Thanks again for sharing this! John By John Mauro on 2014 08 12

Chef Laura: Punctuality through pastries

Like any generation, individual results may vary. Should employees come on time? Yes. Should salespeople upsell without a refresher course? Yes. Should my daughters clean their room without asking? Yes. But sometimes a little creative incentive gets the job done quicker, better, and with a smile on everyone's face. By Chef Laura on 2014 08 11

Chef Laura: Punctuality through pastries

My favorite device we used to motivate customer service teams to up sell was the Orange Juice Bowl. Whatever team exceeded the sales goal the most had orange juice poured by the team leader who won the previous week. It was cheap and motivated sense of competition. By Lisa Lehndorff on 2014 08 09

Chef Laura: Punctuality through pastries

I'm betting this story is about a decade old, based on your references. I'm wondering if you still feel the same about Gen Y'ers? Seems to me that the issue is less to do with a generation of people, vs. young and inexperienced people. Thoughts?!?!? By Gen Y on 2014 08 09

Chef Laura: Punctuality through pastries

Funny how things work. I was on my way to a meeting this week and realized I was running late, because I was trying to get there on time, not early - which would not allow me to get my computer up and running and to have my notes ready. I was all sorts of annoyed with myself. Then I read this article (a few days after it came out), I think the universe is telling me something By Interesting on 2014 08 09

Chef Laura: Punctuality through pastries

i used to treat my staff to bagels on saturday mornings and doughnuts on sunday mornings... back in the good old days. i'm glad i can just be a punctual worker bee now. drives me crazy to think you have to "bribe" people to do their jobs. after all - isn't that what your pay is? By Ta Tee on 2014 08 08

Chef Laura: Punctuality through pastries

Good piece. All carrot and no stick, eh! By PF on 2014 08 07

Chef Laura: Punctuality through pastries

Great story. Food can be a better motivator than fear. By Ted on 2014 08 07

More on the laws of exponential capabilities

Linear thoughts on longevity & healthcare combined with government's crony business & institutional relationships are currently sabotaging progress in personalized medicine. Only by opting out of the existing US medical establishment can one achieve significantly enhanced health. By John Tahoe on 2014 08 05

The futurist: The laws of exponential capabilities

Tom, thank you for continuing to stimulate and expand my thinking. Invaluable! By TC North on 2014 08 04
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Top Company 2014: SquareTwo Financial

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