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  • Simplicity is good for business

    In 1418, a competition was announced in Florence, Italy.  The city’s magnificent cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, had been under construction for more ...

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  • Taking aim on greenhouse gases

    The building at 1515 Wynkoop in Denver’s LoDo district has obvious attractions. Home to everything from law to insurance to oil-and-gas firms, the 306,791-square-foot ...

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  • Top five ways to grow your business in 2015

    If you are like most business leaders, then growing your business is always a top priority. With the New Year in full swing, it is ...

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  • Ten commandments of content marketing

    Although you don’t have to etch this into stone, you should definitely take notes and make sure you are following these guiding principles ...

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  • Sales savvy: Keeping tabs on cold calls

    There is nothing more frustrating than to confuse “Jacob Johnston” with “John Jacobs” in your sales notes.  There you are, ...

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  • Act with inspiring courage

    Mastering your fears begins with having the courage to fail, which is the opposite of being afraid to fail. If not managed and controlled, being ...

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  • Small-town spirits and savvy

    Lakeside, the smallest incorporated town in Colorado – with fewer residents than you can count on two hands – recently welcomed one of the largest ...

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  • Crash course: Hack attack prevention tips

    There I sat, wide-eyed, the day before Christmas, as my computer died a horrible death from a virus (or hackers). Unable to access any of ...

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  • Beat the job-search blues

    The holiday glow has worn off and the guilt of taking a few weeks off to spend with your family and to over-indulge is kicking ...

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  • Breaking bad sales habits

    It's never easy to acknowledge that you may have developed some bad sales habits. Breaking a bad sales habit is not an event, but ...

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Simplicity is good for business

But sometimes easier said than done

By Helen Raleigh

Taking aim on greenhouse gases

57 Denver buildings enrolled in city program to cut energy use

By Allen Best

Top five ways to grow your business in 2015

No. 1: Focus on your customers

By Ben Walker

Beyond Farms & Ranches

Agriculture experts see collaboration as key to growth

By Maria Martin

Ten commandments of content marketing

Get noticed -- and get results

By Michelle Ellis

(1) Reader Responses

Guidance from the Council on Environmental Quality

Modernizing NEPA implementation

By Sandra Snodgrass and Dessa Reimer

Sales savvy: Keeping tabs on cold calls

You gotta have a system

By Sam Dobbins

(2) Reader Responses

State of the state: Winter sports

World Ski Championships bring visible benefits to Vail

By Gigi Sukin

Act with inspiring courage

Do you control fear, or does fear control you?

By TC North

Regional report:

Loveland-Greeley-Fort Collins ripe for innovation, expansion

By Suzie Romig

Small-town spirits and savvy

Lakeside liquor store employees outnumber residents

By Gigi Sukin

‘STEM-phasis’ revisited

Job outlook for science and engineering grads not so clear

By Mike Dano

How free Wi-Fi makes people happy

And more productive

By Shawn Adamson

Readers Respond

Earning my wings

Nice smile By Aunt B on 2014 12 09

Social media is hurting your business

Don't worry or confused for buying or selling a business in your area. Selling my business will make easier for you. Partner with Acumen business sales. By Selling my Business on 2014 12 08

Top five personnel mistakes ...

I agree Daniel - what most employers don't realize is that the is a 3 to 12 times difference in productivity of employees - and start-up often make the mistake of hiring too many people when selecting a few high performing employees would save thousands of dollars. Interviewing is not an intuitive process and way too many leaders think they will know it when they see it and they make those pesky hiring mistakes. By Stephen Moulton on 2014 12 05

Social media is hurting your business

Thanks Liz, Social media put a big hole in my budget last year and made it a point to measure what you say matters......sales. I need to see results not just have like of friends and followers. Spot on. Roland By Roland on 2014 12 04

Social media is hurting your business

Yes, social media is just one tool in your sales arsenal bag. Understanding your customers and prospects will determine what tools to pull out of your bag. By George Tyler on 2014 12 04

Social media is hurting your business

Another good one Liz. I have started to look at my social media campaign and measuring my results. Appreciate the reminder. Diane By diane on 2014 12 04

Social media is hurting your business

Good article Liz - well said. It's so easy to focus on "I must do social media... whatever that means." Rather than thinking through an effective social media strategy that complements a strong sales team. By Gale Dunlap on 2014 12 04

The futurist: The rise of the trillionaires

Well, I think $1T in net assets for an individual could be achieved by a combination of inflation, new business models, and incredible investing, given the US GDP was only $16.8T in 2013, it will probably take a large expansion in the overall economy. If you look at many of the great fortunes, they are related to new industries and new business models in a period of an expanding economy. $1T in annual personal income seems much less likely. As for drones that "never have to come back down", that is probably in the realm on science fiction as there will be an eventual need to land for maintenance unless you have solar powered Star Trek replicators to make parts and robotic repair. By John Unruh on 2014 12 02

How to inspire loyalty and retention

Couldn't agree more with you Kathleen! Being an entrepreneur in customer service industry I often come across disgruntled customers looking to get a good service on a product they purchased from a company. Often root of the problem is not the "faulty product" but company's unwillingness to fix the problem By UDontQ on 2014 12 01

The futurist: How to become a star

Vincent Van Gogh did not cut off his ear to grand stand. Banksy is not grandstanding. He is anonymous. Grand Standing is a deliberate act and most of the people listed became famous as a matter of chance and talent, not deliberate acts of grand standing. Grandstanding is to perform in a way to impress others. Banksy is making statements about society. He is not trying to impress anyone. Van Gogh they speculate either was mentally ill or had a seizure when cutting off his ear. I am not sure how you can position yourself for a lightening bolt of fame. The solar roadways also seem to be a fluke not a well executed example of self promotion. Did they pay George Takei to tweet this? Chance is more like it. By Elizabeth on 2014 11 24
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