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  • Five reasons you’re not Warren Buffett

    Buffett is legendary.  Whether it is the result of skill, luck or leverage is a matter of debate.  But the fact of the ...

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  • Unintended consequences of low interest rates

    “Low Interest Rates are Here to Stay.” “Help Solve the Interest Rate Puzzle.” “Five Reasons Rates Will Stay Low for ...

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  • Chef Laura: FIFO that FOMO!

    Chefs understand the importance of FIFO – “First In First Out”.  It’s the way we stay on top of our ...

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  • The futurist: Disrupting government

    Roger Ver has adopted the moniker “Bitcoin Jesus” and is one of the currency’s most ardent supporters as well as a ...

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  • Top 10 labor law compliance pitfalls

    Employers, HR directors and payroll managers have a lot on their plate when it comes to compliance.  It’s extremely difficult to stay ...

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  • The beauty of a routine

    Routinized work has gotten a bad reputation. I readily admit I couldn’t spend all day on an assembly line and be happy. Even ...

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  • Sales reality check: Excuses, excuses

    The telephone sits on your desk, quietly waiting to take your message to some lucky person buried deep in the spreadsheet of names you have ...

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  • Real estate: Labor pains

    Cranes dotting the skyline are a sure sign that Colorado’s construction industry and overarching economy is improving from the devastation of the 2007-2009 ...

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  • Three tips to help you stand outside of overwhelm

    Do you ever feel steamrolled by the craziness of life, which seems to explode in spite of your attempts to keep the peace? Stress is ...

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  • How to get your IP in order before a sale or investment

    If your company is considering a sale or investment in the near or medium term, there are a number of actions you can take now ...

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Five reasons you’re not Warren Buffett

...and you don't need to be

By James Osborne

Unintended consequences of low interest rates

Being prepared is the best defense

By John Trujillo

Use this mental toughness skill ...

... to boost your training and performance

By Dr. Haley Perlus

Green Colorado 2014: Transportation

By Maria Martin & Nora Caley

Chef Laura: FIFO that FOMO!

Six food and beverage trends in the pipeline

By Laura Cook Newman

(5) Reader Responses

Government disrupt, take two

Change is coming

By Thomas Frey

CU Denver’s Anschutz Center hosts ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss’

State of the state: Health care

By Katie Feldhaus

The futurist: Disrupting government

Why countries will soon sompete for citizens

By Thomas Frey

Top 10 labor law compliance pitfalls

Avoid these to avoid big penalties

By Kalen Fraser

The beauty of a routine

Get it on the calendar

By Todd Ordal

Where are all the Colorado PBCs?

Some states registered more in just one day

By Dan Shah & Kerby Meyers

(3) Reader Responses

Readers Respond

The futurist: Six radical trends redefining the hotel of the future

Good insights. While I'm curious about your technologically advanced smart building, imagining a stay at a hotel fostering peopleless systems leaves me feeling a bit isolated and lonely. I think we've been discovering that authentic relationships are what drives loyalty for many. At least gIve the luggage attendant a personality. By Kirsten Michel on 2014 06 30

Chef Laura: The lollipop trick

Annie, Rule #1 = never ask for dating advice from a chef. Rule #2 = if they do give you advice on matters of the heart, do the opposite and you should be fine. By Chef Laura on 2014 06 27

The best advice I ever received came from a former boss

Very concise and informative publication concerning Colorado and Colorado Biz. By Thurman Ergenbright on 2014 06 27

Three more radical trends behind the hotel of the future

Item #5 - Reinventing the Shared Economy Hotel -- If you have ever been to any mountain resort in Colorado you'll find that this business model has been in place since the late 1970's. Through it's acquisition of Steamboat Resorts a few years back Wyndham Hotels became the first major player in this market with it's Wyndham Resorts division. In this area the future came many, many moons ago. By TJP on 2014 06 27

Chef Laura: The lollipop trick

How can I apply this principle to the dating world? I don't think a loyalty card is directly applicable. By Annie Wilkes on 2014 06 26

Chef Laura: The lollipop trick

Conversation about 18 months ago between CoBizMag (CBM) and and Chef Laura (CL). CL - So Mr./Ms. CoBizMag, let me write a weekly blog for you. CBM - Silence. CL - I'll give a photo to use. CBM - Silence. CL - They will be reallllllllllly good. CBM - Well we will think about it. CL - I'll do it for next to nothing. (CBM) - OK Chef you have one due for next Thursday. By Mr. Peobody on 2014 06 26

Chef Laura: The lollipop trick

takes a lickin and keeps on tickin! By Ta Tee on 2014 06 26

Chef Laura: The lollipop trick

Sweet! They always say you can catch more flies with honey... By Ted on 2014 06 26

The futurist: Six radical trends redefining the hotel of the future

Have you stayed at Nobu Hotel inside Caesar's Palace in Vegas? They are already incorporating some of the technology you speak of. Heavenly! By Chef Laura on 2014 06 26

Are you a go-getter or master procrastinator?

Thanks TC...now get back to you creation of your course. Cant wait to see the finished product. By liz wendling on 2014 06 25
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UMB’s Marti Brust’s financial spring cleaning

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