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January 26, 2015

Act with inspiring courage

Do you control fear, or does fear control you?

By TC North

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed." - Theodore Roosevelt Do you control fear, or does fear control you? Do you have the courage to fail in order to succeed? Fearless Leaders don’t like to fail. Some even say they hate to fail but, paradoxically, they are courageous and learn to accept failure as an inevitable part of success. It turns out that the most enlightened leaders actually view their failures as mere setbacks and as opportunities to dissect, understand and learn. (Watch a video of TC North.) The first defining characteristic of a

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January 26, 2015

Regional report:

Loveland-Greeley-Fort Collins ripe for innovation, expansion

By Suzie Romig

Northern Colorado boasts some of the state’s fastest growing communities, and area businesses have been key participants in that surge. The business triangle of Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland has benefited from construction and staff expansions at large companies such as Avago Technologies and Leprino Foods, while innovative startups have taken advantage of incubators, entrepreneurial competitions and other support from economic-development groups. “Economic conditions right now are ripe in such a way that our pent up intellectual property and innovation can now

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January 23, 2015

Small-town spirits and savvy

Lakeside liquor store employees outnumber residents

By Gigi Sukin

What does it say about a town when employees of the local liquor store outnumber the total population? It's safe to say thirst will not be a problem in the neighborhood, if nothing else. Lakeside, the smallest incorporated town in Colorado – with fewer residents than you can count on two hands – recently welcomed one of the largest boozy businesses in the state, Molly’s Spirits, which opened at the end of November. The 35-person team arrived in the store's 36,000-square-foot space just in time to usher in the obligatory guzzling over the holiday season.

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January 23, 2015

‘STEM-phasis’ revisited

Job outlook for science and engineering grads not so clear

By Mike Dano

Is there a shortage of engineers and scientists in the U.S. work force? The popular opinion is yes, the American education system isn’t producing enough science and math graduates. But new research from the National Bureau of Economic Research, the RAND Corp. and the Urban Institute has countered this long-cited outlook with evidence that the reverse is actually true: There are more science and engineering workers in the U.S. than there are jobs. But does this apply in Colorado as well? Depends who you ask. “It’s hard to make a blanket statement that there is a

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January 22, 2015

How free Wi-Fi makes people happy

And more productive

By Shawn Adamson

Staying “up to date” with customers in small business waiting rooms now means much more than rotating out past issues of magazines. A recent survey by Bredin Research showed that providing free Wi-Fi goes much further than offering reading materials, candy or water. “Businesses and entrepreneurs of all types recognize that wireless Internet access is a must for their patrons, and that providing free Wi-Fi can give them a competitive edge,” says Bill Stemper, president of Comcast Business, which sponsored the study. “More and more, we are seeing that if a

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January 22, 2015

UMB’s 2015 Prognosis: More momentum

Favorable outlook backed by Top Company roundtable

By Mike Taylor

UMB Bank’s Chief Investment Officer KC Mathews anticipates continued momentum for the U.S. economy in the year ahead, enough that he expects the Fed to raise short-term interest rates, likely around mid-year. Thus, Mathews has dubbed his upbeat 2015 forecast “The Liftoff.” “We’re kind of stealing the Fed’s term,” Mathews explained back in mid-December. “In the jargon of our business, when the Fed increases rates, that’s called ‘liftoff.’ We’re taking that term and applying it more broadly. Not only do we see

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January 21, 2015

Crash course: Hack attack prevention tips

Your computer doesn't have to die like mine did

By Esty Atlas

There I sat, wide-eyed, the day before Christmas, as my computer died a horrible death from a virus (or hackers). Unable to access any of my files, I stared at the blank screen in horror. No reboots helped nor did re-loading anti-virus software. Two trips to the Geek Squad guys later, my word documents retrieved, I was relieved but still pretty peeved.  The culprit may have been a rogue email from what appeared to legitimately be Fed Ex.  Expecting a holiday package, I opened it.  Big mistake! I’ve since found valuable tips that should be helpful to the rest of

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