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  • Hiring trends on the horizon

    Forecasters were predicting better job growth for 2014, and March’s recent jobs report showed that the U.S. now has more private sector jobs ...

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  • The futurist: The next bold step in transportation

    As we look closely at the advances over the past couple decades, it’s easy to see that we are on the precipices of ...

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  • First of four myths about business success:

    Barbie. What better symbol of bland perfection? Perfect hair. Perfect make-up, perky boobs, great fashion.  If she could talk, she would always say exactly ...

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  • Failure Hall of Fame

     If you’ve got talent or at least a good dose of determination at whatever stirs your motivation, then you will naturally try ...

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  • Connecting the arts and business

    From startups to Fortune 100 companies, a growing number of businesses are leveraging creativity to rethink, restructure and reposition their leadership, collaboration, communication and innovation. To ...

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  • Don’t Dodd-Frank your business

    The best business environments are self-regulating or as close to self-regulating as you can get them. Ten-to-one reporting relationships are manageable and profitable when the ...

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  • Top 10 cold-calling mistakes

    Cold calling should be simple, right? Pick up your suit of armor to face all the rejections you'll hear in a day, keep your ...

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  • Chef Laura: Take me out to the ball game

    Last week, I gave a friend a ride to the Colorado Rockies’ Opening Day.  If I didn’t know any better, I ...

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  • The hard and soft edges of leadership

    Say you’re the leader of an organization, or manager of a department, that is struggling, and you know you need to take your ...

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  • A retirement game plan

    A good approach to consider for retirement is to own a diversified portfolio of high quality dividend paying stocks. The dividend income production from the ...

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Hiring trends on the horizon

Employers are still cautious

By Lauren Sveen

The futurist: The next bold step in transportation

Getting your ride on: Personal Rapid Transit

By Thomas Frey

First of four myths about business success:

You have nothing to learn from Barbie

By Jane Miller

(1) Reader Responses

The pain imperative in sales

Solve it and sell it

By Gary Harvey

Sports biz: Preseason baseball 2014

Color it Dodger blue

By Stewart Schley

Failure Hall of Fame

Check out its famous members

By Esty Atlas

Financial reporting: What happened, what’s ahead

Dodd-Frank rulemaking, slow progress toward convergence

By Jim Brendel

Connecting the arts and business

CBCA showcases Colorado businesses’ commitment to creativity and culture

By Gigi Sukin

Don’t Dodd-Frank your business

Simple but elegant is the answer

By Todd Ordal

Top 10 cold-calling mistakes

Even pros do these

By Sam Dobbins

(1) Reader Responses

Chef Laura: Take me out to the ball game

Getting around Denver this spring

By Laura Cook Newman

(7) Reader Responses

So, you want to be a public company director?

What you need to know to protect yourself

By Taylor Simonton

The hard and soft edges of leadership

Steel and velvet

By Bob and Gregg Vanourek

Readers Respond

First of four myths about business success:

The assumptions about bosses in the article are offensive to say the least. Sounds like the author has some personal issues that need to be worked out. Really?, the boss has a wife and three kids? His wife walks around with poop on her sleeve and does not flirt with him so he has to look elsewhere in the office for Barbie? What does Barbie do when her boss is a woman? Oh oh! Looks like her "flirting" and "wet tee shirt" sweater aren't going to work this time! Since when does Barbie have good eye contact and listening skills? I didn't learn listening skills and eye contact from an office bimbo and suggesting that we have something to learn from Barbie (or an office bimbo) is ridiculous. It's hard enough breaking down stereotypes and getting equal pay for equal work for women, without having someone perpetuate the stereotypes, much less telling us we have something to learn from them! By Elizabeth on 2014 04 15

Chef Laura: Take me out to the ball game

After reading this article, a coworker told me that they tried a free bike sharing program in Cape May, NJ. The bright yellow communal bikes became poorly spray painted beaten up skeletons of their former selves abandoned on the streets of Philly. Oh well :( By Chef Laura on 2014 04 13

Top 10 cold-calling mistakes

Great job, Sam! You are spot on with your top ten list. Thanks for sharing your wisdom By Susan M. on 2014 04 11

Chef Laura: Take me out to the ball game

Good article! Bike share is big in France with free rides for trips under 30 minutes. For longer rides after that, you just exchange your bike at a nearby rack for another! By Minerva on 2014 04 10

Chef Laura: Take me out to the ball game

I'm intrigued about becoming a Lyft driver, but I hear some of the divers are not so good and a little creepy. Have you actually used one before? By Do they text and drive? on 2014 04 10

Chef Laura: Take me out to the ball game

I'm 6'4', and often drive the car 2 go, pretty awesome. Only problem is parking, while it is free, you spend $20 bucks driving in circles down down looking for a place to park. By Car 2 not park on 2014 04 10

Chef Laura: Take me out to the ball game

U.S. cities still have a long way to go. Just returned from Amsterdam where two-thirds of the transits are via bike. Cars are officially discouraged. Doubt the auto/oil lobbies in the U.S. will allow that to happen here. By PF on 2014 04 10

Chef Laura: Take me out to the ball game

Great info. San Diego really needs to advance it's transportation outlets. We are still in the 1990s. By Ta Tee on 2014 04 10

Chef Laura: Take me out to the ball game

I have yet to do a pedicab, but that's a great way to save your sore feet if you want to park farther out on the street for free somewhere. By Ted on 2014 04 10

Five tips for public speaking success

Great Article.....I will definitely use your tips when speaking to the public in the future By Sam Dobbins on 2014 04 09
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