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  • Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

    On behalf of business women who would like to close the salary gap between the genders, please stop apologizing for your brilliant ideas. If women ...

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  • Higher ed meets energy

    Can Colorado afford to ban fracking? That was the question posed to students from three Colorado universities by Denver-based management and strategy consulting firm RAS ...

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  • Close your mouth to close the sale

    Traditional selling has taught salespeople to listen closely but only listen for “buying signals.” Then as soon as they hear one, jump right ...

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  • Improving our nation’s health care system

    The debate of whether health care should be a for-profit industry is layered with complex ethical questions – enough for many columns. If someone cannot ...

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  • Cold-call lessons from your garden

    With spring approaching, many of us turn to gardening as a wonderful way to enjoy our outdoors, escape from the sterile world of work, and ...

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  • Managing great expectations

    We should be aware that "over the long term" doesn't mean "always" in advance so that we aren't surprised when we experience the ...

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  • The futurist: The “Great Barrier Backlash”

    In our increasingly fluid society, people and businesses that don’t feel welcome will leave. And they may not just leave the local community, ...

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  • Three simple tips for positive growth

    Too often, your relationship with yourself is toxic. What intonations do you use with yourself? Do you hold merciless expectations around your own performance? This ...

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  • Chef Laura: Don’t DIY

    Since I'm proficient in the kitchen, I can dice mirepoix for homemade soup before someone can Google the word mirepoix.  It's no ...

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  • Hiring trends on the horizon

    Forecasters were predicting better job growth for 2014, and March’s recent jobs report showed that the U.S. now has more private sector jobs ...

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Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

Three verbal habits that are sabotaging your success

By Laura Cook Newman

(5) Reader Responses

Higher ed meets energy

Consulting firm engages students to make a case for fossil fuel

By Gigi Sukin

Made in Colorado 2014: Creative/Home/Consumer;

Tech & Electronics

By Eric Peterson

Close your mouth to close the sale

Listening is the key to success

By Liz Wendling

(2) Reader Responses

Why hotels are a DOL target

And how to avoid trouble

By Kalen Fraser

Best of CoBiz: A great leader has a vision…

...and other rules for life and success

By Laurence B. Valant

Improving our nation’s health care system

Profitability comes when we do the right thing

By Erin Gibbs

(1) Reader Responses

Cold-call lessons from your garden

Approach it like you would weeding

By Sam Dobbins

Managing great expectations

"Long term" doesn't mean "all the time"

By James Osborne

(1) Reader Responses

The futurist: The “Great Barrier Backlash”

Exposing the ethical gray zone

By Thomas Frey

Best of CoBiz: Six traits of top dogs

It's all about "command presence"

By Nicole Nago-Heckers

(2) Reader Responses

Three simple tips for positive growth

Try pruning in these areas

By Lauren Miller

(1) Reader Responses

Readers Respond

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

If women want to be be taken seriously, they should also maintain eye contact during a conversation. Never lose the staring war. By another take on 2014 04 24

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

Yo, L. good words... However, I think I need to interject a possible disagreement (just a little) about your men from mars portion of the article, well just because I think you might be a little off mark (but that's OK, you do a great job). Men don't want to conquer, just to have people obey them. By mmmm.... on 2014 04 24

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

PF chose my favorite line too! Great article that touches on a subtle impact in the workplace. I always keep in mind an old radio commercial for a vocabulary program that said, "people judge you by the words you use." As your article says, HOW you speak also will determine your status. Admittedly, I probably use "dude" too much, but I try to keep that out of the office. By Ted on 2014 04 24

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

Oh, well, Peter Piper picked a pepper, I guess I did! (Thanks for the memories and the insight.) By Randy on 2014 04 24

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

Great article. One of your best. I particularly "like:" "In professional kitchens, if someone was fluent in upspeak, they would also be well-versed in unemployment." "You know" is another unnecessary popular verbal tic - also seeking affirmation, I presume. By PF on 2014 04 24

Close your mouth to close the sale

Thanks Liz for your insight. I try so hard to be a better listener. I can tell right away when I am not. I hear myself formulating my answers before someone is done talking. I catch myself and pay attention. By Marlene on 2014 04 23

10 ways to handle online reputation management

There's a free service I use to somewhat influence and manage the results that come up for a Google search on your name. Thought I'd share it with you and your readers. Give https://brandyourself.com/ a try. (PS. I do not work for them.) They also offer a concierge premium service but I haven't tried that. By Pashmina Lalchandani on 2014 04 23

Close your mouth to close the sale

Great Article........as you stated, Listening is key in building trust and creating a solid foundation to a business relationship. I can always improve in my listening skills. By Sam Dobbins on 2014 04 23

Improving our nation’s health care system

erin, you are to young to remember health care before the medicare/medicade debacle passed by congress when lbj was pres. if you want to improve health care repeal the aca and med/med from the year 1965. then understand that medicine providers i.e. DOCTORS are to be able to earn as much as they want just like you and me. I also recommend you read THE DEATH OF A PROFESSION:MEDICINE BY LEONARD PEIKOFF. By jerry wigutow on 2014 04 22

Don't Dodd-Frank your business

Succinct and insightful. By Dennis Brovarone on 2014 04 21
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UMB’s Eric Craine, Part 2

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