2017 Best of Colorado behind-the-scenes [PHOTO GALLERY]

Our 3rd annual readers' choice the best people, places and operations to do business with in Colorado

After 25,000 votes had been cast and the winners were identified, 260 people from the best businesses in Colorado came together to celebrate Wednesday, May 3 for the annual Best of Colorado reception at Howl at the Moon Denver.

Extracting 74 consumer-facing categories – from law firms to fitness clubs, dining destinations and banking institutions – winners and runners-up were invited to the party associated with the special issue of ColoradoBiz magazine.

Through this process, we turn the job of judging service excellence over to our readers and friends. Some of the categories are true professional game-changers – such as SBA lenders, health insurer or property manager – while others are more oriented toward leisure time – such as best styling salon or happy hour – presenting a necessary work-life balance, if you will.

As in years past, we teamed up with DataJoe, a research firm that established our online ballot system and tabulated the votes. Each category contained between two and four companies, one winner and a few runners-up.

“We are honored to be recognized for this award,” says Lindsay Vassar, marketing coordinator of law firm, Moye White, a runner-up for Best Law Firm. “It’s appropriate that it’s a firm-wide award, as it speaks to our team-oriented approach to practicing law and understanding our clients’ interests. Our firm is delighted to be recognized for the trust and confidence our clients have placed in us. We believe we have a responsibility to be on the front line of new business practices that positively impact our community.”

Here’s a look at the 13 umbrella sectors established for this year’s awards:

“IT is one of the unsung heroes of business,” says Jeremiah Fellows, VP of marketing at Greystone Technology, the winner of Best IT Services. “Our people are the ones behind doctors that save lives; behind the architects that design monuments; behind the brilliant leaders who take a company to an IPO. Our people take midnight phone calls and leave in the middle of Sunday cookouts to make sure our clients businesses stay running. They spent all night going over the new Google PPC and SEO rules to ensure clients’ websites keep driving new business. This award is like getting a bear hug from our clients across Colorado. We feel appreciated for all we do. And that is an amazing feeling.”

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