Beyond Icebreakers: 5 Team Building Activities You’ll Actually Enjoy

While we hope these team building activities help you learn fun and quirky facts about your workmates, we also hope they nudge you on a more organic and authentic trail to those discoveries.
Team Building Activities

It’s time to retire Two Truths and a Lie. Give your team shared experiences instead!

Remote work has made it more important than ever to bring teams together in person when possible. When team members feel connected to their colleagues and company, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their work. In-person interactions also allow for spontaneous conversations and brainstorming sessions that can lead to new ideas and solutions. For your next retreat, skip the tired icebreakers, and encourage your team members to connect in person through shared experiences. Here are five ways we like to break the ice during corporate retreats:

Go for a hike

Hikes offer the opportunity for peaceful appreciation of nature and casual trail conversation. Take in the sights, talk about said sights, and who knows, maybe get to know something new about your teammates. We like this option because it gives individuals the opportunity to wander quietly or engage in conversation as they choose. There’s also nothing better to get thoughts percolating than a little movement!

Learn something together

Ever tried fly fishing? How about square dancing?  Pick something that is suitable for all skill levels and get lost in an activity to quiet other thoughts and free up some creative thinking. 


Sustainability and restoration are foundational to us at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, so we suggest cleaning up a local park or trail. Make sure you carve out time for a picnic lunch to refuel and chat. Not only will you leave feeling like you’ve done something positive and tangible, but you also might have formed some bonds while working side by side with team members you don’t collaborate with on a daily basis.

Play a team brain game

Get the wheels turning with a brain game — this one’s for you, trivia aficionados! Nothing brings a team together like a ticking clock and a fun challenge. Deciding on a team name is a task in and of itself — customize your trivia topics or use an online generator and watch those teams come together with the flip of a timer.

Do something creative

Try a meditative art project with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Create something tasty during a cooking class. Hands-on activities keep participants engaged and are a great way to loosen up and get the creative juices flowing. Plus, seeing how each person has put their own twist on things is fascinating. Maybe you’re just one creative activity away from a bold new idea.  

While we hope you still get to learn those fun and quirky facts about your workmates, we also hope these activities nudge you on a more organic and authentic trail to those discoveries.

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Thad CarlsonThad Carlson is the Senior Director of Sales at Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa, a highly regarded and environmentally-friendly year-round ranch resort and spa offering rustically upscale accommodations, fine dining and an array of winter and summer outdoor and wilderness recreation activities.

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