5 Tips for saving thousands on rent

Saving money on rent allows you to truly experience your area and community offerings
5 Tips For Saving Thousands On Rent

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the rental market recently, you know rent prices are increasing in most major U.S. cities. This is for a multitude of reasons, ranging from relocators creating a higher demand for housing to restoration of neighborhoods. With these new changes, renters can find it difficult to afford much beyond basic living expenses, sometimes even skimping on those.

As rent continues to rise, AptAmigo researched and used its expertise on the rental market to determine the best ways to save money on rent—sometimes even thousands. From renting during the right season to touring during off-times and working with apartment brokers, here are the top five most effective and efficient ways to save.

Rent in the winter

Most people don’t know that rent prices are seasonal, especially in cities that experience cold winters. A 1-bedroom unit that is listed for $2,400 in the spring and summer could be as low as $1,900 in the winter months. Over the course of a lease, this alone could save you thousands of dollars per year.

Tour on a weekday

Rent quotes change quickly and are often only valid for 24 to 48 hours. Because most people tour and sign on the weekends, prices will be higher on Saturday or Sunday than they are on a Tuesday. You can easily save a few hundred dollars per month just by touring on a weekday.

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Sign for a longer lease term

Because buildings can charge more for rent in the spring and summer, they will try their best to avoid having too many leases expire in the winter. This means that if you sign a lease in December, they might offer you a considerable discount to sign a 15-month lease. That way, your lease will expire in March, rather than a 12-month lease that leaves them, once again, with an empty unit to fill in the off season.

Seek out concessions

Concessions are discounts, offers and perks that are used in competitive markets to attract renters. Deals such as: “2-Months Free Rent,” “Free Parking for 12 Months,” and “a free $1,500 Visa Gift Card” are common. Look around on apartment websites or find a local apartment broker who knows where to find the best deals.

Listings are only the beginning

Want to know a secret? Apartment industry insiders don’t use listing websites like Craigslist, Zillow or apartments.com the way most renters do. While there is a lot of useful information online, pricing and availability change quickly, and renters can spend hours trying to get landlords on the phone to verify information or schedule showings. The best way to find an apartment is to go straight to someone with up-to-date information and insider knowledge. AptAmigo works directly with buildings to offer accurate information and white-glove service to make sure you get the best deal possible on your new Denver apartment. Best of all, it’s free.


Now that you have all the tools to find your dream apartment without breaking the bank, you can enjoy the luxuries of your new neighborhood. From indulging in local cuisine to exploring the art museums in your neighborhood, saving money on rent allows you to truly experience your area and community offerings. Rent smarter, not harder.

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