50 Colorado Companies to Watch 2020

The winners and finalists represent the state’s thriving business ecosystem
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Now in its 12th year, Colorado Companies to Watch recognizes second-stage companies that are fueling the economic fire across Colorado. Since the program’s inception, 600 winning companies, including this year’s class of 50, have created more than 22,000 full-time-equivalent jobs and generated revenues exceeding $5 billion in a vast range of industries.

This year’s 50 winners, who employ nearly 1,900 full-time-equivalent workers and are projected to generate more than $535 million in revenue in 2020, are as diverse as Colorado’s landscape. They were launched by every means imaginable: angel investors, credit cards, family and friends, grants, bank loans and personal savings, to name a few. Twenty-four percent of the winning companies are woman-owned, and 44% own patents. They operate in 61 locations across Colorado and 43 out of state.

Their impact extends well beyond the confines of their own businesses. Their growth has enabled other local businesses to spring up – “green shoots,” ranging from professional services to coffee shops – adding still more fuel to Colorado’s economic fire. Thus, to celebrate these companies is to celebrate the present and future success of Colorado’s economy.

Of course, behind every company is a story, and we present those of the 50 winners here.

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