Faces of Colorado Business: Modern Lobbying & 76 Group

76 Group makes modern lobbying look good.
2023 legislative preview
Left: Matt D. La Crue - Vice President of Government Affairs, Right: Ellie Reynolds - Principal

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76 Group bridges the gap between community, client, and decision-makers to deliver results, taking on the toughest lobbying battles. Our lobby expertise lies in public relations and community engagement, including relationships with over 175 stakeholder organizations across Colorado. What separates us from the pack is our full-scale political engagement: recruiting candidates and equipping them with the tools for success that builds a roster of pro-business elected officials. Through this process, 76 Group becomes a trusted advisor for both our clients and community leaders.

While our expertise is second to none, our tactics are anything but traditional. We engage strategies both inside and outside the “Gold Dome”. Whether your lobbying needs be at the statehouse or at the county or city level, we have the longstanding relationships to get your project over the finish line. Our team is bipartisan, diverse, and fiercely loyal to our clients.

76 Group…your modern lobbying team.

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