8 Unique Holidays to Celebrate with an On-Brand Gift Box Idea

Surprise your favorite clients and colleagues with a themed gift box on a holiday that doesn’t involve Santa Claus.
On-brand gift ideas

When it comes to client gifting, nothing says “good enough” like the unremarkable snack basket with way too many pretzels, the travel coffee mug that is never as “spill-proof” as it claims, or the gift card to a certain, ubiquitous coffee chain.

You want your best clients and partners to feel like they’re more than just a name to check off a list once a year. Showcase your brand’s unique personality and recognize the unique personality of your clients by taking advantage of these 8 uncommon gifting opportunities.

First Day of Spring

When: March 20th

If there’s one thing we have in common with both houseplants and the IRS, it’s our eager longing for the warming winds and lengthening days of Spring. Plants, coffee, sunshine. Plants, coffee, sunshine. Just try saying it without smiling! 

Gift box idea: We don’t recommend actually trying to capture the sun, but you can still send your colleagues a cup of sunshine in a colorful mug, with golden turmeric and ginger tea and Eternal Spring coffee. A desktop plant can also give a little more “thyme” to enjoy a bright & sweet honey nut cereal-flavored chocolate bar. 

Earth Day

When: April 22nd

Despite differing careers, job titles, and opinions on toasters in the breakroom, one thing we all have in common is that we share and celebrate the same planet. Even little things we do every day can help protect that planet (it’s Earth, by the way), but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. 

Gift box idea: Fill an Earth Day box with five clever and easy ways to incorporate reusable products into the workday, including wet-erase sticky notes, a silicone bag & straw, and colorful, trendy Swedish dishcloths. 

Cinco de Mayo

When: May 5th

When May 6th falls on a workday we may notice some co-workers seem a little sleepier, a little less likely to answer their phones, and perhaps a little less… at work. There’s no doubt that Cinco de Mayo is important for Mexican history, but it’s also important for margaritas and celebration. Join the party!

Gift box idea: Encourage your recipient to enjoy a cocktail, or mocktail, with a bottle of margarita mix, a bag of margarita salt and a clever, modern dish towel to keep handy for party fouls. Don’t forget snacks, like some spicy Chilies & Cherries dark chocolate and nacho cheese-flavored popcorn. 

On-brand gift ideas

National Creativity Day

When: May 30th

Pre-planned holiday packages are exciting and convenient, but so is designing your own! Scratch your own creative itch by putting together a custom box to encourage your clients’ own creative side. Look for unique gifts from local businesses, put your logo on something you’ve never considered, or find a snack with an intriguing new flavor that would confuse your grandma.

Gift box idea: Breakaway Meetings offers this exact opportunity!  Play with an endless combination of gifts to surprise and inspire in your own unique way. 

National Relaxation Day

Whan: Aug 15

Summer is coming to an end, and a significant amount of your colleagues may be counting down the hours until school starts again. Perhaps others want to unwind from a carefree, childless and culturally-enriching summer adventure in the South of France.  

Gift box idea: A luxury bundle of candles, tea, scented bath goodies, and an aromatherapy eye pillow would make a perfect Spa Day for someone who deserves to unwind.

First Day of Fall

When: September 23rd

Fall is much more than just a season. It’s a state of mind, an aesthetic, and even a “whole vibe” according to social media these days.  

Gift box idea: Why not help someone indulge those Pinterest-ready fantasies with a curated collection of fireside comfort and inspiration, including a cozy candle, herbal tea, savory comfort snacks and a Faux-leather notebook and pen set to record all those Fall Feels. 

On-brand gift ideas

National Chocolate Day

When: October 28th

This is a holiday not to be missed! While some of us celebrate National Chocolate Day by dipping into the Halloween candy a few days early, there is a wide world of higher quality chocolate to celebrate on National Chocolate Day. 

Gift box idea: Think beyond bars, squares, and whatever it is that Tootsie Rolls are, and  consider sharing Breakaway Meetings’ collection of gourmet spreads and rich, dark chocolate shortbread cookies. 

National Bonfire Day

When: November 5th

By November 5th both Fall and Football season are in full swing. Whether it’s sweater weather, that last-minute, winning touchdown, or the last piece of Halloween candy making its exit, a bonfire is a great way to spend a celebratory evening with friends. Wait, not everybody has a stack of pallets and a fire extinguisher handy? No problem. 

Gift box idea: Consider sending a bonfire in a box, with a portable fireplace, s’mores kit, and a sweet/salty mix of a fruity drink mix and crunchy snacks. 

On-brand gift ideas

Kim Carlson is an experienced event organizer, conference planner, and social media analyst. In 2020 she and co-founder Angela Hesseman launched a custom event gift box business, BreakAway Meetings. 

Angela Hesemann has a decade of experience in hotel operations and event planning. Using her guest room operations experience, she and co-founder Kim launched custom event gift box business, BreakAway Meetings. 

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