8z Real Estate: On a mission to raise the bar

This real estate company focuses on people rather than property

8z Real Estate has wholeheartedly adopted its mission statement: “Real Estate is broken, we are fixing it.”

When hiring, 8z looks for Realtors who believe and follow the company’s core values.

"We believe residential real estate is about people," says Ryan Carter, 8z's central Denver team leader. "It's not about houses or property. It's really about helping people with one of the most significant transactions in their life."

8z Real Estate’s approach to helping its clients buy or sell their homes is based on transparency that starts with the company’s website. 8z has built community guides to help buyers determine whether a neighborhood is right for them. Its website also offers a variety of resources covering everything from home repairs to saving money on utility bills.

The company believes real estate is more than houses and transactions. It’s about building relationships with people and ensuring the process is transparent for its clients.

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