98point6 Rolls Out On-Demand Care in Colorado

The primary care platform combines AI with board-certified physicians

Delivering personalized consultations, diagnosis and treatments in real-time, Seattle-based 98point6 announced its expansion into the Colorado marketplace, Tuesday, May 22, to serve as the front-line for health care and preventative treatment. The service combines artificial intelligence with medical practitioners to provide affordable, high-quality care to patients' smartphones. With the announcement, 98point6 – founded in 2015 – is now helping patients in 14 states, intending to expand its care nationwide by the end of 2018.

In Colorado, alone, nearly 12 percent of adults have not seen a doctor in the last year due to increasing costs, while a quarter of Coloradans don't have a general practitioner.

Now, any Colorado patient 18 years or older – with or without insurance – can download the 98point6 app and receive unlimited access to primary care. The first 12 months costs $20.

"Our expansion into Colorado moves us one step closer to our goal of delivering primary care to every single person when and where they need it," says Robbie Cape, CEO and co-founder of 98point6. "We look forward to treating Colorado patients and providing them the care they need without the time and cost barriers currently keeping them from seeing a primary care physician."

For local employers, 98point 6 increases primary care utilization among those who aren't actively or appropriately seeking medical care.



To make medical access more streamlined for Colorado patients, 98point6 uses machine learning and automation, helping doctors optimize processes that don't require face-to-face interactions. The platform collects administrative data points, gathers patient history and chart information, and patient profiles are created and saved to avoid redundancy. 

98point6 board-certified physicians engage with patients on a secure, private text-based in-app messaging system to answer health questions, diagnose and treat. Patients then receive  a personalized care plan, including prescriptions and labs as needed. 

The service offers a low subscription fee for employers, enabling early medical intervention and reducing overall cost of care.

98point6 is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and at www.98point6.com.

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