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Management & Leadership

Will coronavirus kill my business?

During the current surreal situation, business leaders are seeking guidance. Todd Ordal, a CEO coach, poses several questions for CEOs to consider while leading through the crisis based one his conversations with clients and board members.

Channeling COVID-19 anxiety into action through social responsibility

While we are navigating uncharted waters, businesses also have an opportunity to channel anxiety into action by activating support for nonprofit and community organizations, creating collective purpose and connecting employees through storytelling.

Recruiting has changed. Have you?

Holding on to outdated views of what recruiting is can make your company less effective, less competitive and less profitable. Don’t let the beliefs and practices of the past to get in the way of your business’s future.

3 immediate steps for restaurants and bars to take amid COVID-19 shutdown

As restaurants and bars across the state experience pivot to delivery and takeout business models due to the coronavirus, here are immediate tasks and things to consider in order to address the temporary closure of onsite seating services.

When it comes to goals and targets — Is more better?

It might be an Excel spreadsheet, a disciplined CEO with a list, a project management office or a whiteboard — that’s almost immaterial. What’s important is that you reinforce it and resist the urge to do more. Do less, do it better, and move on.

CEOs: It’s time to get rid of your bad apple

To succeed, healthy executive teams require that either all individuals provide input to reach a successful outcome or that one member of the team performs well.

What every employer should know about responding to coronavirus

New cases of COVID-19 are being diagnosed daily. Employers across industries should immediately take stock of their policies and procedures and develop response plans to legally manage the concerns of their staff, ensure safety and health in the workplace and protect the privacy of individuals.

Why your company may need a visionary leader to succeed

Without a vision and commensurate strategy, a business is just a set of random acts. Eventually, the vision becomes tarnished or faded, or the future changes and won’t allow for the previously described destination. It is then that you must have a visionary leader.

Why you should implement unstructured playtime at your office

By getting your employees out of the office and into a space where they can connect and bond with their colleagues (all while having fun), you are creating a company culture that attracts and retains the best workers, stimulates productivity and creates work-life balance that is essential to Colorado employees.

Organizational effectiveness: How do you provide value?

Your job, your family, your co-workers, the shareholders, the economy and the country depend on people producing a return on the investment that the owners make in them.

Four leadership development skills to spark real change

Focusing on these four key elements -- style, skills, experience and maturity – can have a significant impact on a leader’s ability to develop, engage and contribute to the creation of a positive and productive workplace while growing other leaders within the organization.

CEOs: Learning from the chaos

Take a different path for a few days, a harder one that you aren’t used to. Leave your phone at home. Eat lunch with a different crowd. Talk to a pissed off customer. Go help a loading dock worker. I bet you’ll learn a few things.
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