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Spring Break in the office: Encourage employees to relax and recharge

When employees are happy, they may be more productive and engaged, which can positively impact a company’s bottom line. Managers who are supportive of PTO and communicate the benefits of taking time to recharge may see benefits to their employees, teams and the organization as a whole.

Is now the time to invest in your business?

For business owners, the last few years have seen shifting trends, opportunities and challenges — from tax law changes and increased M&A activity, to technology advances and low unemployment. These changes impact how, and if, owners decide to reinvest in the company.

CEOs: It’s time to get rid of your bad apple

To succeed, healthy executive teams require that either all individuals provide input to reach a successful outcome or that one member of the team performs well.

Here’s how sensory language can elevate your marketing

Using storytelling tools like analogy and sensory language, you can help people understand and remember unfamiliar concepts by tying them together with familiar ones. So, make it tasty.

What every employer should know about responding to coronavirus

New cases of COVID-19 are being diagnosed daily. Employers across industries should immediately take stock of their policies and procedures and develop response plans to legally manage the concerns of their staff, ensure safety and health in the workplace and protect the privacy of individuals.

Top secrets to landing a higher job offer

When executives interview, it’s imperative to go in knowing what they want as a salary as well as having plenty of proof they are worth it. Many go in without this and it costs them dearly. Here are top secrets to getting a higher job offer that executives should follow.

The Epiphany of Yield on Cost

Ultimately, the retirement income puzzle is one of trajectory, with wildly divergent—and consequential — outcomes.

Why your company may need a visionary leader to succeed

Without a vision and commensurate strategy, a business is just a set of random acts. Eventually, the vision becomes tarnished or faded, or the future changes and won’t allow for the previously described destination. It is then that you must have a visionary leader.

Why you should implement unstructured playtime at your office

By getting your employees out of the office and into a space where they can connect and bond with their colleagues (all while having fun), you are creating a company culture that attracts and retains the best workers, stimulates productivity and creates work-life balance that is essential to Colorado employees.

Organizational effectiveness: How do you provide value?

Your job, your family, your co-workers, the shareholders, the economy and the country depend on people producing a return on the investment that the owners make in them.

Want to live longer? Consider looking on the bright side

Decades of research suggest that seeing the glass half full or half empty may be an indicator of our chances of living beyond the age of 85.

In 2020 consumers are buying authenticity

One of the biggest marketing trends we are seeing in 2020 is authenticity. Authenticity is taking a life of its own. While a lot of companies and personal brands are trying to show engaging behind-the-scenes content, they’re doing it in a way that may be too contrived.
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