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Women to watch in Colorado business

Women in Colorado are making an impact in every industry, enterprise and workplace role imaginable. They are CEOs, startup founders, strategists and irreplaceable employees.

Here's the one attribute CEOs think is most important

According to the survey of more than 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide, chief executives believe this attribute is the most vital leadership competency.

CEO of the Year finalists, R to W

Here are the ColoradoBiz CEO of the Year finalists, from Mary Rhinehart of Johns Manville to Velocity Global's Ben Wright.

CEO of the Year finalists, K to P

Here are the CEO of the Year finalists, K through P.

CEO of the Year finalists, A to H

Here are the finalists for CEO of the Year, A through H.

CEO of the Year: Joe Ellis goes long

The Denver Broncos’ president and CEO brings a steady hand and deliberate approach to the job of running Colorado’s most beloved team – and reigning Super Bowl champion. Oh: and he prefers road games.

Here's the legacy this bank exec wants to leave

With Bank of America’s expanded presence in Colorado came Jodi Rolland, BoA’s local enterprise leader, head of corporate social responsibility and market executive for Global Commercial Banking.

How my commitment to Colorado defines my career

No matter what opportunities have presented themselves in the past or will in the future, I am not moving. I refuse. I have, instead, intentionally sought points on my career path that keep me in Colorado.

How corporate social responsibility can drive business success

Monetary donations are often one of the first ways that businesses approach corporate social responsibility (CSR), but that’s just the beginning of an effort which has become more important than ever.

How much should you rely on intuition in business?

It is natural for action-oriented CEOs to want to move from ideas to action quickly. I appreciated this. It is sometimes necessary, however, to slow the game down and think hard before you take action.

Karen Gerwitz brings mile high perspective to international trade

Karen Gerwitz, president of the nonprofit World Trade Center Denver, brings international experience from past roles that have included chief of protocol for the Colorado International Trade Office, to manager of communications for Aurora-based Raytheon.

My decision-making strategy: The 30-day tryout

I’ve made a lot of major decisions in my life – both personal and professional. For the professional ones, I’ve come up with an approach that I now use consistently. I try on the decision for a period of time.
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