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Rundles wrap up: The ever-higher cost of higher education

There is something like $1.2 trillion – yes, with a “T” – in outstanding student loan debt in this country, and the number is rising precipitously.

GenXYZ 2014: 25 Most Influential Young Professionals

Just try reading about the 2014 Top 25 Most Influential Young Professionals without a little envy and a lot of astonishment. Really, how did they come so far so fast?

GenXYZ: Matt Rowe, 36

Rowe identifies himself as a “serial entrepreneur.” In a nutshell, what does a senior partner at an outsourced business development firm do? The Carruthers Group is a face-to-face SEO company. We figure out what our clients really need, perhaps why they’re stagnant in growth.

GenXYZ: Michael Davis, 35

Davis says he was defiant and opinionated as a kid, but that helped him become an attorney concentrating on making an impact with the little guys.

GenXYZ: Dalton Sprouse, 33

Sprouse brings his passion for leadership to the Center, where he helps the organization raise funds and direct the charge to create character-development programs for youth.

GenXYZ: Jeremy Atencio, 39

By day, Atencio represents corporations; by night, he advocates for the underdogs.

GenXYZ: Saul Garlick, 29

A family trip turned into a life-changer for Garlick, who decided to start a nonprofit, then a for-profit.

GenXYZ: Shane Gring, 26

Gring turned his frustration while trying to find a job in architecture into BOULD, which educates professionals about building green homes.

GenXYZ: Bart Lorang, 34

In 2010, Lorang co-founded FullContact, a 2011 Techstars company.

GenXYZ: April Lambatos, 31

In the 3 1/2 years April Lambatos and her husband have owned Footers Catering, it has grown revenue by 50 percent and won numerous awards.

GenXYZ: David Levin, 36

President and CEO of Four Winds Interactive, David Levin has been a key influencer and developer of the digital signage market since 2005.

GenXYZ: Rob Carpenter, 28

Rob Carpenter develops apps for small businesses with limited budgets.
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