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The politics of the BLM's relocation to the West

For years, Westerners have struggled with the notion that policy decisions that impact them so squarely is mandated to them from unelected, career bureaucrats in Washington DC, more than 1,500 miles away.

Small businesses need big tech to survive, thrive

Digital tools democratize the business landscape, allowing smaller businesses and startups to compete with much larger companies who far outspend and out-staff them.

The coronavirus and your investments: What you need to know

There isn’t day that goes by now that you don’t hear about the continuing spread of the coronavirus and the markets, of course, are reacting to this bad news. As an investor, what are you supposed to do? Sell everything and park your cash in treasury bills or ride things out and hope things get better soon?

Podcasting 101: What small business owners need to know

Podcasts offer a cheap and innovative way to reach their audience, interact with consumers and provide new value to their clients and listeners. This, plus sheer curiosity, drew dozens of Northern Colorado business owners to a discussion on podcasts — hosted by Seth Silvers — at last week’s Fort Collins Startup Week.

What you should know about cybersecurity in the upcoming election

If you were feeling confident that the United States government and its states’ governments were prepared for the 2020 presidential elections, then the Iowa caucus on Feb. 3, 2020 might have upset your sense of ease. Their election problems stemmed from the one area we need to focus more on — technology.

In the shadow of Vail Resorts' success, Granby Ranch folds

Vail Resorts’ recent earnings update further solidifies the rapidly changing ski industry. The biggest players have figured out how to hedge their revenue with early pass sales regardless of weather conditions. Smaller resorts may not make it financially.

7 questions with Dana Perino ahead of Colorado’s Democratic Primary

ColoradoBiz spoke to Perino to get a look at the 2020 election from the frontlines, hear her insights into how the primary could affect the state and learn more about this historic election year.

Not all roads are created equal

While government struggles to fund much needed improvements to public infrastructure and transportation, consumers are faced with a choice, and it’s worth keeping in mind that toll roads offer a choice – you’re paying either way, after all.

How subletting can revitalize your law firm's vacant space

Shadow space for law firms should be a thing of the past. Subletting space is not a new idea in commercial real estate, but it can be novel to many law firm equity partners. Filling vacant offices in a large law firm through strategic subleasing arrangements with small law firms is already successfully happening in Denver.

The 2020 Subaru Legacy is something of a revelation

This Legacy is a very handsome sedan that just about anyone would be proud to drive. Add in the fact that all Subarus (except the BRZ) feature all-wheel-drive as standard – and this Legacy is one of the few sedans on the market with the feature.

The skinny on jumbo mortgages: What you need to know

If you’ve purchased a large home, vacation property or live in a city where home prices are above the national average, chances are you’ve taken out a jumbo mortgage. You just may not know that’s what it’s called.

A look at the 2020 economy and key risks to Colorado businesses

The United States economy is entering 2020 with some very good momentum. The country is now in the eleventh year of economic expansion, and the economy continues to show a lot of resilience amidst challenges. However, the risk for a recession over the next 18 months is more elevated than any time since 2007. But what does this mean for Colorado businesses?
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