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How corporate social responsibility can drive business success

Monetary donations are often one of the first ways that businesses approach corporate social responsibility (CSR), but that’s just the beginning of an effort which has become more important than ever.

How much should you rely on intuition in business?

It is natural for action-oriented CEOs to want to move from ideas to action quickly. I appreciated this. It is sometimes necessary, however, to slow the game down and think hard before you take action.

Karen Gerwitz brings mile high perspective to international trade

Karen Gerwitz, president of the nonprofit World Trade Center Denver, brings international experience from past roles that have included chief of protocol for the Colorado International Trade Office, to manager of communications for Aurora-based Raytheon.

My decision-making strategy: The 30-day tryout

I’ve made a lot of major decisions in my life – both personal and professional. For the professional ones, I’ve come up with an approach that I now use consistently. I try on the decision for a period of time.

Ponderosa's Porter Bennett shares his data-driven energy outlook

Colorado native Porter Bennett is fueled by the energy business. After more than three decades in the coal, oil and natural gas industries, the 64-year-old formed Denver-based Ponderosa Advisors in 2012.

How leaders can be better at their job

A young woman appointed as a manager for the first time recently asked me what I thought was the most important thing for leaders to think about while trying to be better at their jobs.

When deals go south: The perils of retrades

The retrades have begun. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve experienced four retrades – two early stage, one growth, and one late stage – and I’ve heard of a number of others.

Fear of failure's seven faces

I recently surveyed successful entrepreneurial CEOs in one of my workshops. Amazingly, I found that 100 percent of them wanted more courage and confidence in at least some situations.

The small-town boy who became a high-impact businessman

There were 300 people in the town where Ron Williams was raised, and his high school graduating class had 10 students. He admits he wasn't valedictorian.

Let your employees get their work done their way

Sales and marketing strategies will always be important factors in your success, but all of us listening to this group of highly successful CEOs got the message that it’s your strategies and beliefs around people that are the top concern.

How John Elway made my day

I had flown this airplane into this airport literally hundreds of times, and I checked everything. Nothing could go wrong. And it didn’t. The landing was almost perfect. And that would have been the end of it, except for what John Elway said then.

ColoradoBiz CEO of the Year 2015 finalist: Mark Davis

In his first year on the job, Davis has spearheaded the fast-casual chain’s biggest expansion yet.
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