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How Colorado startups can build for success

Startup companies in Colorado and throughout the country have long been the darlings of the tech and innovation worlds, catching the eye of investors and entrepreneurs. But what are the common mistakes to avoid?

Long live equity crowdfunding...

Ever curl up by the fire in your favorite pajamas with a good book on securities law? Though quaint at first, the dense 1930s legalese gets old fast in any attempt to comprehend the statutes that stifle entrepreneurs to this day.

Success from a shoestring

In 1997, a Steamboat Springs-based snowboarder named Gary Hammerslag had one of those insights that makes consumers lives’ easier and entrepreneurs wealthy. Hammerslag saw something that wasn’t there, a niche nobody had noticed.

Opening the door to entrepreneurs

Over scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with Jeff Bussgang of Flybridge Capital (he had yogurt), we talked about immigration reform and our broken immigration system.

Bars dealt different fates in dogged pursuit

Plenty of bars in Denver allow leashed dogs on their patios, but brothers Justin and Jerad Henry envisioned something grander when they opened the Watering Bowl in November 2013 on a property that includes a large A-frame building previously used for auctioning antiques.

The top 10 emotional whammies of divorce

Divorce can be a shattering experience. It knocks your socks off even when it is best to end the marriage. When you go through a divorce, you really go through four divorces: emotional, parental; financial and legal.

Snow sports' 'Smallest Big Store'

Christy Sports’ product line is just one linchpin in the Lakewood-based company’s steady expansion that now spans more than five decades. During that time the snow-sports retailer has weathered recessions, industry consolidation, the emergence of e-commerce, and competition from big-box stores and multi-sport giants.

Colorado's bigger, stronger discrimination law

The new Colorado law goes beyond current federal protections by prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, including transgender status, for all employers, not just those that are federal contractors.

Top four ways to add value to your business

Think about some of the famous brands you see every day. Everyone recognizes these brands, and expect a certain experience whether walking into a store selling that brand at the airport on the other side of the country, or a store down the street.

Seven secrets to getting the startup bucks you need

Ever wonder why some startups get investment capital while others struggle, fade and disappear?

Three tips for business growth

Everywhere you look, Denver is growing. This means increased competition for top talent, customers and market share.

Accounting relief for small business

Recently, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) released a new financial reporting framework. The framework is available for private companies.
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