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Three keys to business longevity

As a hotbed for small business, Colorado sees more startups than most states, but also sees a larger percentage of small businesses fail than the U.S. as a whole.

Taking control online

What so many business owners in Denver don’t realize about DIY website design tools is that they can go beyond convenience and actually empower a small company. By controlling a site yourself, you also have final say on a company’s branding – you get to be as quirky or vanilla as you want to be.

Look beyond the resume for the best hire

As a small business owner in the private real estate lending arena, hiring is my most dreaded task. Unlike a large company, hiring for a small business can ultimately make or break a company.

Green Colorado 2014: Health care

Health care gone green...these Colorado service providers are making a difference in the lives of their patients by addressing their physical environment.

Top 10 acquisition considerations

Successful business acquisitions are difficult to achieve. In fact, the prevailing wisdom is that 50 to 90 percent of all transactions fail to achieve their underlying value proposition. Here are 10 tips to help you close the next deal.

OneNeck IT Solutions

As a trusted advisor and business partner, OneNeck enables customers to be more agile, competitive and cost-efficient using the right technology.  OneNeck doesn’t simply supply it, but is also in an enviable position of being the first call for help by its customers, should something go wrong. The...

Best of Cobiz: Make plans -- then make plan

The ACA and workplace wellness programs

With 58 percent of Colorado adults overweight or obese and health care costs rising, employers face many concerns for their employee’s health. Our business, which specializes in developing and executing corporate wellness programs, is seeing an upsurge in corporations pursuing corporate wellness p...

Tech startup: Decibullz

Elite-level gymnastics coach Kyle Kirkpatrick always liked to listen to music while working out, but there was an inherent challenge. "I'd never been able to use earphones when doing gymnastics — or rollerblading, or snowboarding," he explains. "The movements are too aggressive. No earphone has a...

Made in Colorado: Meep records, Primary ties, Peacock candles, The LOOP

No end to fast-casual appetite

Dakin's tips for 1st Dollar Revenue

Cash is king. It is the oxygen of a business; without it your company is dead. There are two primary sources of business cash:  revenue and capital funds. Generating revenue is the best approach. The goal is to create a sustainable business model which produces revenues, lots of it. This keeps you...
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