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Why we're returning to the age of the business owner

Here's the historical perspective on why no one wants to be an executive and why 65 percent want to own their own business. We are going back where we came from ― business ownership.

Evolution of a startup: How you know your idea is right

“If we have facts, we’ll use facts; if we have opinions, we’ll use mine.” It’s one of my favorite lines, not because it’s the mantra for my own business, but because it illustrates the approach taken by so many business owners.

Made in Colorado 2016: Michael Clark

After serving in the military, Michael Clark moved to Lyons to get away from the crowds in Denver. “Too big, too much, just too many people,” says the 68-year-old Lakewood native. Lyons had less chaos, plus one very important lure: “It had a river in it,” Clark says.

Made in Colorado 2016: Rich Sharples

While master luthier is a moniker he shies away from – “I still feel like I’m learning, for sure,” he says – Rich Sharples has had a hand in making thousands of banjos in his tenure at OME. He now supervises two other luthiers, and the team crafts about 180 high-end banjos a year at the company’s shop in northeast Boulder.

Introducing the Futurist Hall of Fame

Over the coming months, the DaVinci Institute will be unveiling the world’s first Futurist Hall of Fame. As with other “hall of fame” efforts, this one will be dedicated to drawing attention to those who have contributed the most to our thinking about the future.

Eight tips to get unstuck from a dead-end job

Embarrassment and fear of not meeting others’ expectations are the main culprits keeping people from uncovering their true path. There are no simple or easy answers, but the questions to help you in your journey are relatively simple.

Larry Mizel: An empire built on real estate and faith

Larry Mizel serves as chairman and CEO of M.D.C. Holdings Inc., parent corporation of Richmond American Homes. Richmond American has built more than 180,000 homes, mostly in the Western U.S.

The strange bedfellows who created Rocky Mt. National Park

Poor health brought both Enos Mills and F.O. Stanley west. Both men became enthralled by the mountains, and both left a lasting legacy in the high places they loved.

Anne Evans' gift to Denver: A legacy of art, music and books

Anne Evans gave her heart to the heart of Denver: Civic Center Park. The Denver Public Library. The Byers-Evans House. But nowhere is her legacy more apparent than in the galleries of the Denver Art Museum.

The story of a family who saw the future in the land

To understand the future of Denver International Airport, you need to start with the past of the Fulenwider family.

What happened when the Jersey girl met the oilman

She was a Jersey girl who had never been west of Pittsburgh. He was a Western oilman with a fast car and a head for business. They met on a charter flight for a European ski vacation. And that, as they say, was that.

Reading about Wall Street is fun; real finance, not so much

I’m a big believer in the Bogle school of thought about owning the market, rather than trading stocks. As a result, I don’t have to pay attention to the public markets on a daily basis. Or a weekly basis. Or an monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Or basically, at all.
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