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A Peek Into the Scandalous Future of Hyper-Influence Marketing

Over the coming years we will see a shift from simply selling ads to the sale of custom tailored, hyper-influence packages.

Who's Liable and How to Protect Yourself

Cybersecurity threats will only increase and product manufacturers must prepare for cyberattacks just the same as any other business.

Closing Digital Divide – The Key to our Students’ Success

When we think of “Inclusion” we often think of things like social inclusion or diversity, economic inclusion or the fairness in the distribution of wealth.

The Futurist: Anticipations of Weaponized A.I.

35 examples of the artificial intelligence that could negatively impact our existing societal structure.

Why IT Support is Essential for your Business

Unlike their larger counterparts, maintaining a full-time IT department is unrealistic for most small- and medium-size companies. The costs are too high, the efficiency too impractical and the time required unreasonable.

Northern Colorado's innovation ecosystem

There can be a disconnect between university research and the marketplace, with academia and business occupying separate spheres

Women in tech make strides to end trends

In Colorado, businesses are teaming up with events such as Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins startup weeks, to open conversation about gender inequality.

Three tips for businesses to improve energy conservation

Despite the substantial energy consumption of commercial buildings in the United States, technologies that focus on clean energy sustainability are being developed in order to increase energy conservation and improve sustainability to better protect future generations.

17 wildcards that will impact the future of electricity

The future of electricity can best be broken into four fundamental categories – power generation, power distribution, electric storage, and changes in demand.

Have we reached peak electricity usage?

Ten years ago the trajectory for electrical use in America peaked and started on a different course, declining for reasons we don’t fully understand yet.

From idea to takeoff – How to build a successful app

If you have a great solution you to want to bring to life, too, here are a couple app development guidelines to follow.

Improving health in the digital age

The integration of the human experience with technology is at the core of delivering quality health care today, with the ability to help guide, impact, and personalize the care experience in ways we’ve never imagined.
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