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17 wildcards that will impact the future of electricity

The future of electricity can best be broken into four fundamental categories – power generation, power distribution, electric storage, and changes in demand.

Have we reached peak electricity usage?

Ten years ago the trajectory for electrical use in America peaked and started on a different course, declining for reasons we don’t fully understand yet.

From idea to takeoff – How to build a successful app

If you have a great solution you to want to bring to life, too, here are a couple app development guidelines to follow.

Improving health in the digital age

The integration of the human experience with technology is at the core of delivering quality health care today, with the ability to help guide, impact, and personalize the care experience in ways we’ve never imagined.

Tech Startup: MapVida makes a B2B play with geographic data

MapVida is a technology that can identify comparable neighborhoods in different cities. The goal was to make it objective rather than subjective.

Flooring it into the future with self-driving cars

Given that vehicles can be owned and used for decades, lawmakers may create requirements for car manufacturers to provide integral updates for a set period of time to protect consumers.

Colorado groups pitch plans for Elon Musk’s hyperloop

When Musk-spawned company Hyperloop One sponsored an international competition that drew 2,600 entries, the list of 35 semifinalists included three from Colorado.

A day-in-the-life of a new engineer at Ibotta

Colorado app firm, Ibotta, brings delight to new technological talent.

Tech Startup: Cinebody app automatically uploads footage to the cloud

The market for video content is massive and trending toward Cinebody’s model of affordable spots served in bite-sized chunks.

20 startling ways retail will shift in the self-driving mobile business era

When it comes to retail, we don’t remember an evolution, we only remember a revolution.

Robots and recycling unite in Denver

Although Clarke has only been in operation since late last year, if he’s anything like the typical robots AMP develops, he’ll be on track to help local recycling facilities cut sorting costs by 50 percent.

The future of marketing is playable

Call it the Facebook effect. Snapchat syndrome. Whatever your quippy cultural reference, it all comes down to the same thing. Our mobile devices are changing viewers’ expectations for how media is consumed and created.
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