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How Technology is Empowering Colorado Small Businesses

Whether solutions are plug-and-play or bundled offerings, here are just a few ways technology, and how it’s delivered, improves the ability of small businesses in Colorado to thrive.

Five Surprising Uses of Virtual Reality in Business

In totality, estimates place the worth of the VR industry at $28.3 billion by 2020.

3 Markets Moving the Needle in Colorado Tech

Continuing the growth Colorado has seen in recent years will ultimately depend on future success of the companies, institutions and organizations emerging within our borders.

Using Tech to Improve Health Care

On October 19, Denver will host the Prime Health Challenge, a “Shark Tank” style pitch competition during which six health technology companies will pitch live to a panel of host institutions for an opportunity to prove their solutions in clinical settings.

Tech Startup: Applying Amazon-Style Logistics and Technology to Food

After launching in mid-2016 in Colorado Springs, FoodMaven has since expanded into metro Denver. The company has grown from two employees to 25 in a little more than a year.

A Peek Into the Scandalous Future of Hyper-Influence Marketing

Over the coming years we will see a shift from simply selling ads to the sale of custom tailored, hyper-influence packages.

Who's Liable and How to Protect Yourself

Cybersecurity threats will only increase and product manufacturers must prepare for cyberattacks just the same as any other business.

Closing Digital Divide – The Key to our Students’ Success

When we think of “Inclusion” we often think of things like social inclusion or diversity, economic inclusion or the fairness in the distribution of wealth.

The Futurist: Anticipations of Weaponized A.I.

35 examples of the artificial intelligence that could negatively impact our existing societal structure.

Why IT Support is Essential for your Business

Unlike their larger counterparts, maintaining a full-time IT department is unrealistic for most small- and medium-size companies. The costs are too high, the efficiency too impractical and the time required unreasonable.

Northern Colorado's innovation ecosystem

There can be a disconnect between university research and the marketplace, with academia and business occupying separate spheres

Women in tech make strides to end trends

In Colorado, businesses are teaming up with events such as Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins startup weeks, to open conversation about gender inequality.
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