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Company Perspectives

Valley Bank & Trust: 45 years later, still family-owned and local

Valley Bank & Trust started out as a family-owned, community-oriented bank in 1971, and it remains one 45 years later. That’s no small feat, considering the trend toward consolidation that has characterized the banking industry over the past four decades.

Improving live meetings with engagement technology and analytics

The meeting analytics market has grown to a multi-billion-dollar industry thanks to new data and analytics. Educational Measures aims to deliver those insights to clients in an easily digestible form,

How to have your cake and gorge on it, too

With all the changes and movement in the economy as we diversify, it is hard to find a place so close to the Front Range that has the pieces to expand a business without all the costs.

How to make the holidays work when you're divorcing

Some divorcing families are able to manage this time of year with little conflict. From the perspective of a divorce attorney, these families are making the type of parenting choices that will help their children grow up enjoying the holidays.

How to protect your business against fraud

Payments fraud is once again on the rise, and wire transfers are now the second most targeted payment type. In 2015, as reported in the 2016 AFP Payments and Control Survey, 48 percent of organizations were exposed to wire fraud.

Beaver Run: How to be a great host

In September, Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center hosted the Colorado Governor’s Conference on Tourism, which plays a major role in bringing new ideas and innovation to Colorado tourism and the state’s economy each year.

Here are some great tips to help plan your Vail vacation

When should you visit Vail? The best timing for your visit depends on the experience you want to have on your Vail vacation.

Boost corporate event ROI with suite entertainment

It’s time to start thinking outside the box for your next set of events. Suite entertainment is a creative venue for securing facetime with your prospects and clients by inviting them to events they want to attend.

Today's legal industry faces a myriad of tech-related challenges

A new generation of tech-savvy lawyers are offering new options to clients, even as online industry presents the legal profession with new challenges, Fennemore Craig Managing Director Troy Rackham says.

Want to get financing for your small business?

To help prepare you to apply for a business loan, below are steps we at the Colorado Enterprise Fund recommend based on our 40 years of working with small business owners.

How to get through Colorado's election ballot

Don’t be daunted by this year’s long ballot. Some of our most critical issues will be near the bottom, so stay strong and use this guide to speed up the process and make it to the very end of your ballot.

The do’s and don’ts of divorcing your business partner

Nobody benefits from a scorched earth approach. If you consider this a zero sum game, where you “win” if you have more dollars at the end of the game, you and your spouse will each have far fewer dollars than if your settlement posture is more flexible.
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